About Coin Liker

Coin Liker is an open collection of Cryptocurrency Coins founded in January 2018. Coin Liker began as a side project to share coins that I discovered between family and friends, and is now a popular resource used daily by thousands of people all over the world to discover coins worth following and investing in.
The collection serves thousands of different hand-picked Cryptocurrency Coins and is growing everyday. All the Coins indexed here are available to invest into via many exchanges.
Coin Liker's index is being used by all kind's of people from all walks of life as a mode of research before investing.
By providing a rich in depth coin collection, Coin Liker aims to be the ultimate resource for a cryptocurrency enthusiast. Coin Liker is powered by the ideas of it's users providing a quick access to different coin market trading data, a clear presentation and layout, and the ability to have a personal collection of coins that you like and can follow.
Thank's and have a good time!