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Quadrigacx Revealed A Giant Hole In Crypto Industry Storage Practices

Certain events in the recent past have served as a harsh reminder that crypto storage practices need improvement. When will things change?

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What Is The Kin Ecosystem? Introduction To Kik’s Kin Token

It has since pushed to become the leader in decentralized P2P social media competing with cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin (D...

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Monarch Blockchain Corporation: The Amazing Crypto Company You Haven’t Heard Of

RENO NEVADA – 02-08-2019 ( — 2017 & 2018 saw a considerable uptick in the creation and fundraising of cryptocurrency start-ups. According to 970 IC…

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Eos Dapps: Here’s A List Of 10 Popular Dapps In 2019

Developers have been flooding the EOS’ blockchain with new decentralized apps lately. Here is a list of 10 top Dapps most of which are gambling dApps.

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Dr. Bernard Lietaer – Monetary Visionary Futurist Author Rip

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Cryptopia Hacker Keeps Liquidating Tokens

In the past they have used centralized control as in the case of stolen KickCoin (KICK) or Bancor (BNT) units. This time h...

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Top 15 Most Well-funded Blockchain Startups In Zug’s Crypto Valley

Today Zug nicknamed Crypto Valley for the large number of blockchain startups there hosts some of the world’s most notable and successful ventures in the space including Ethereum Lisk ConsenSys and Blockhaus.

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New Top 50 Crypto Valley Swiss Blockchain List – The Largest And Most Important Companies

Crypto Valley Top 50 Swiss Blockchain. Investment company CV VC in collaboration with PwC Strategy & and IT partner inacta has published its new quarterly list of the largest and most important companies in Switzerland and Liechtenstein’s Crypto Valley Blockchain cluster.

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Sf Summit Shows Bittorrent Is Boosting Tron’s Appeal

“I was very interested in making fun of it.”

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Trade Recommendation: Bancor

At that point Bancor was showing signs of reversal ... Kiril’s current focus is on cryptocurrencies and ETFs as he does his ...

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Kraken Cobinhood Poloniex Top List Of Safest Exchanges

Kraken Cobinhood and Poloniex top the ranking in this group while DDEX Airswap and IDEX have been named the safest among ...

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Kraken Ceo Warns: Don’t Keep More Coins Than Needed On Exchanges

Binance and Kraken CEOs weighed in on industry best practices for storing cryptocurrency in the wake of Cryptopia getting hacked. The question remains Binance and Kraken CEOs weighed in on industry best practices for storing cryptocurrency following the hack of Cryptopia.

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The Cryptocurrency Law Firms

MME is one of the most popular crypto law firms and boasts a team of highly qualified advisors. The Switzerland-based company ...

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The Most Iconic Cryptocurrency Moments Of 2018

2018 may not have been a good year for crypto but it was certainly eventful. Read and see which events had the most powerful effects.

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2018's Most High-profile Cryptocurrency Catastrophes And Cyberattacks

We explore the worst high-profile cyberattacks data breaches vulnerabilities and cases of fraud to strike the cryptocurrency space over 2018.

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