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Bigone Exchange Review | 2019 Guide

What is BigOne? BigONE is a crypto-to-crypto exchange that was established in 2017 which enables users to trade with bitcoin (BTC) ether (ETH) and other altcoins. BigONE is also backed up by INBlockchain a blockchain investment firm. It is not known in which country the exchange is based. The co-founder and CEO of the exchange

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Blox Review: Crypto Asset Tracking Management & Bookkeeping

Blox is an app that aims to deliver cryptocurrency asset tracking bookkeeping and management in a system designed to be precise automated and efficient. Blox’s goal is to give their users a clearer picture of their current cryptocurrency assets allowing them to work more efficiently. Companies and developers can utilize the robust and scalable Blox …

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Why Investors Should Be Paying Attention To Blox (cdt)

In a world where huge promises about blockchains will be linked to blockchains and transactions-per-second will be infinite it is important to remember that sometimes people just want a new killer app. Blox (CDT) is one of these killer apps. Although not as popular (market capitalization ranked 376th) it has a very unique promise. It […]

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