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Freewallet Is Kin-friendly Now

Today Freewallet announces full support for Kin coin (KIN) which has finally migrated to its own blockchain.

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The End Of Coinhive And The Rise Of Cryptojacking

In this blog post we look at how crypto mining has developed and how ... used on the infrastructure of many coin types including ByteCoin. The inventor of ByteCoin has been unknown since he ...

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Ledger Client Address Issue And Fake Deposits: Community Spots Two Vulnerabilities Related To Monero

At least two seperate bugs related to Monero have been detected.

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Cryptopia Rolling Out New Wallets Ahead Of Potential Reopening

The New Zealand exchange has finally updated on its situations estimating a loss of about 9.4% of its digital asset holdings.

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Binance To Delist New Batch Of Cryptocurrencies

According to Binance all of them no longer satisfy its strict listing criteria based on factors it detailed as follows: The ...

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Battle Of The Privacy Coins: Monero Vs. Zcash

Being able to transfer money privately from one party to another is essential for the proper functioning of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin (BTC) Litecoin (

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Crypto Market Wrap: Dash Moving Up As Markets Stabilize

Crypto markets have stabilized and there is little action ... it takes 17 th place and Waves is about to enter the top twenty ...

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Anonymous Cryptocurrencies In 2019

Cryptocurrencies represent an innovative development in the world’s financial system. Bitcoin the world’s first ever cryptoc...

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Unbundling Cryptonight And The Enigmatic Cryptonote

Understanding the CryptoNight algorithm requires us to first visit what the technology CryptoNote is all about. CryptoNote is as much a software stack as it is a philosophy. As described on the CryptoNote website “CryptoNote is the technology that allows the creation of completely anonymous egalitarian cryptocurrencies.” The description further expands on their philosophy with disdain for …

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Bearish Crypto Market Likely To Lead To More Hacking Attacks

The Ethereum Classic hack recently made headlines after hackers successfully launched a 51 percent attack on the blockchain and made away with over $200000 worth of the digital currency. was particularly affected but the hackers apparently returned a portion of the loot. According to a report released by about $100000 worth of the …

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Bitmex: Several Altcoins Could Be Subject To A 51 Percent Attack From Bitmex’s Insurance Fund

BitMEX the Hong-Kong based cryptocurrency trading platform holds so many Bitcoins in their Insurance Fund that they can potentially initiate several 51 percent attacks against many top coins in t…

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Binance Manages To Lock Portion Of Stolen Cryptopia Funds

Previous complaints related to Cryptopia had to do with anonymous coins such as Monero (XMR) Bytecoin (BCN) and Electroneum ...

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Kraken Cobinhood Poloniex Top List Of Safest Exchanges

Kraken Cobinhood and Poloniex top the ranking in this group while DDEX Airswap and IDEX have been named the safest among ...

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The Low Cost Of A 51% Attack And Why Dash Might Not Make It To Coinbase

Also on the list is Bytecoin (BCN ... 4.5 stars on average based on 121 rated postsGreg Thomson is a full-time crypto writer ...

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The Bear Market Killed Off Nearly 1000 Coins Tokens And Projects

Delistings have damaged the price and liquidity of many coins in 2018 including Bytecoin (BCN) which had renewed its market...

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