Credits (CS)

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$0.072477 ( -19.10%)

Rank #174 (ETH)

(CS) Past 7 Days
Credits chart

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What is the Credits Price? The Credits (CS) price is $0.072477. It has a current circulating supply of 249.47M CS coins and a Market Cap of $13.48M. Credits's price is down (-19.10%) today. $378.7K worth of Credits (CS) has been traded in the past 24 hours. Take a look at our Credits Price Prediction and see if it would be profitable to invest into at least 1 Credits. You can follow Credits's progress by adding it to your favourites and creating a free Credits (CS) portfolio if you wish, Credits is a token on the Ethereum platform. Keep an eye on our unique Credits Price Prediction by using our Credits Price Prediction Tracker is the prediction on course? View our Q&A about Credits.

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Credits Live Price

Price USD Opened High Low
$0.072477 (-19.10%) $0.11054 $0.11054 $0.11054

Credits Market Data

Market Cap Current Supply
$13.48M 249.47M CS

Credits Trading Data

Volume (24h) %(1h) %(24h) %(7d)
$378.7K (0.0480463) (-19.10%) (206.024)

Credits Markets

This is where you can trade and buy Credits. $378.7K volume traded in the past 24 hours. These are the top Credits (CS) Exchanges.

Volume Rank Exchange Name Volume (24HR) Trade Pair

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Questions & Answers about Credits

What is Credits worth?

The Credits price is $0.072477 for 1 unit of Credits (CS).

What is the Credits market cap?

The market cap of Credits is $13.48M.

What is the Credits supply?

The current supply of Credits is $249.47M.

What is the Credits trading volume?

$378.7K has been traded in the past day.

Will the Credits price rise?

Yes the Credits price will rise to $3.54 in 5 years, checkout our Credits Price Prediction.

Will Credits crash?

No Credits will not crash, Credits is here to stay and will go from strength to strength.

Where can I buy Credits?

You can buy Credits from any of the Credits Exchanges.

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Credits Questions

What is the Credits price? Will Credits moon? How do I buy Credits? Best Credits price? Worst Credits Price? What is the CS price? Will CS moon? How do I buy CS? Best CS price? Worst CS Price?

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