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Bigone Exchange Review | 2019 Guide

What is BigOne? BigONE is a crypto-to-crypto exchange that was established in 2017 which enables users to trade with bitcoin (BTC) ether (ETH) and other altcoins. BigONE is also backed up by INBlockchain a blockchain investment firm. It is not known in which country the exchange is based. The co-founder and CEO of the exchange

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Last Call To Re-evaluate Your Dgd Thesis

As some might recall one of the biggest and most profitable crypto trades that I made was with DGD that I started buying in mid 2017 which

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What Happened To Fintech Singapore’s Previous Pick Of Hottest Fintech Startups?

(an updated list for 2019 is also available here)

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Crypto Market Wrap: Binance Coin Flips Iota As Markets Slide

Crypto markets falling back again ... Big airdrop momentum is likely to keep TRX buoyed up for a week or so. Bitcoin Cash is ...

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Your Guide To Stablecoins 2019

Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies with a value pegged to a currency or to exchange traded commodities. Many projects today are researching and developing such technology.

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Industry Experts Look Back On A Decade Of Bitcoin Transactions

Though 2018 was a crucible for crypto it survived extinction and in 2019 will continue ... Blockchain technology and cryptoc...

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Crypto Trading Update: Another Pullback Paints Markets Red

Crypto markets retreat after yesterday’s gains ... today where a 40% pump is occurring to take it over a dollar. DigixDAO and ...

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