Internet Node Token (INT) Markets

The data below is ordered by the most popular Internet Node Token exchanges at this moment in time. The biggest market is currently on OKEx with a total $5,741,690 INT/BTC ($5.74M) traded in the past 24 hours. There are currently 15 Internet Node Token market pairs listed on 5 Exchanges to trade INT.
Listed below are the exchanges where you can buy, sell or trade Internet Node Token.

Volume Rank Exchange Name Pair Volume (24HR) Trade Pair
#1OKEx$5,741,690 INT/BTC
#2OKEx$2,747,030 INT/USDT
#3OKEx$1,062,260 INT/ETH
#4CoinEgg$660,351 INT/BTC
#5OKEx$489,371 INT/BTC
#6OKEx$297,009 INT/USDT
#7CoinEgg$208,316 INT/BTC
#8CoinEgg$207,947 INT/BTC
#9CoinEgg$200,738 INT/BTC
#10Ethfinex$167,685 INT/USD
#11OKEx$46,046 INT/ETH
#12ForkDelta$1,627 INT/ETH
#13Ethfinex$762 INT/ETH
#14Allcoin$0 INT/BTC
#15Allcoin$0 INT/BTC
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