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5 Cryptocurrency Projects To Watch If Altcoin Season Returns

Searches for “Altcoins” the cryptoeconony’s vernacular phrase for cryptocurrencies that aren’t bitcoin (BTC) are gaining some fresh traction as of late per Google Trends. That dynamic has led some pundits in space as hailing likely prematurely the arrival of altcoin season as was seen in 2017 when many small-cap mid-cap and big-cap coins experienced an …

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Diamonds Are Blockchain’s Best Friend: How Dlt Helps Tracking Gems And Prevents Fraud

Russia’s Ministry of Education and Science introduced a blockchain platform for tracking diamonds.

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How Citizens Of Singapore Can Replace Paper Currency With These Popular Credit Cards

Some of them are eTN Chatroom: Discuss with readers from around the world ... the country is on the way of becoming the harbi...

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Civil Forfeiture Is State-sanctioned Theft

Ever since 1929 the FBI has shared annual crime statistics via the Uniform Crime Reporting Program. Each year it breaks down criminal activity into such categories as homicide weapons human trafficking and hate crime. One category that is noticeably absent from the report is civil asset forfeiture. In the eyes of the law this is …

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Analyst: Bitcoin To Bottom Out At Below $3000 But It Could Easily Achieve 6-figure Price

Analyst: Bitcoin to Bottom Out At Below $3000 But it Could Easily Achieve 6-Figure Price Crypto’s most fervent diehards have often been lambasted for their Bitcoin (BTC) price forecasts. Blockchain project promoter John McAfee the eccentric millionaire behind the cybersecurity company that shares his surname called for BTC to surpass $1 million by 2020’s end claiming…

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Overstock: Retail Business May Be Worth Less Than You Think

tZero is the crown-jewel of the group and has a market ... Inc Q3 earnings presentation Where the crypto marke...

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Ai-assisted Imposters Iot And Crypto-jacking: Cyber Security In 2019

With the cyber security industrial complex in full swing for 2019 Computerworld wonders what horrors this dystopian hell world will spew forth next

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