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What ‘small-cap Cryptos’ Are Telling Us About The Broader Market

In equity markets analysts regularly turn to small-cap stocks for a barometer of the overall state of the market. Now participants in a lesser-known asset class believe the small-cap analysis is not just a stock-based theory.

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Moonx To List Moon Money Chain (mm) On Cointiger On 15th March

MoonX is poised to revolutionize the services for investments such as cross-commodity trading Forex Digital Assets; Payments - Cross border payments; FintechDappss. The advanced technology will create the fastest safest and easy to adapt solutions for business to onboard and start capturing value seamlessly with a focus to mitigate inefficiencies reduce associated operational and processing costs. Holding MM will offer the users of the platform with the luxury of incentives discounts and seamless integration to mainstream adaption.

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Best Binance Alternatives | 2019 Guide

In the cryptocurrency trading world there are very few names as big as Binance crypto exchange that boasts well over 8 million users a one the world’s biggest trading volume and a solid reputation to boot. Binance is therefore a popular cryptocurrency exchange with deep liquidity across a wide range of crypto assets feature-packed but …

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The Ultimate Eidoo Wallet Review

If you’re in the market for a mobile Ethereum wallet that provides quick and convenient access to the world’s best smart contracts network all while offering strong security and protection for your private keys then you might be interested in checking out Eidoo. Launched in August 2017 Eidoo is a multicurrency wallet designed to be …

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Binance Coin Up 42% This Week - Will It Keep Going?

Binance Coin doubled in price in February and has started March up more than 40% on top of that.

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Small-alt Crypto Winners: Ravencoin Kucoin Shares And Aurora Hit 20-30% Daily Growth

Small-alt season continued this week as three more small-cap cryptocurrencies stuck their heads above water on Thursday. Kucoin Shares (KCS) and Aurora (AOA) gained more than a fifth of their value for the day while Ravencoin gained 32% in a week which has seen 163% growth for its RVN coin. Ravencoin Price – RVN/BTC From […]

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Which Cryptocurrencies To Hold In 2019?

No doubt Ethereum will still be one altcoin to beat in 2019 ... ETH is something any crypto investor should think about havin...

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Watch: New Godzilla: King Of The Monsters Tv Spot: Only One Can Be King

A new 30-second TV spot for Godzilla: King of The Monsters has been released online. It provides some exciting glimpses of the sequel’s various Titans preparing to do battle. Watch it below. Warner Bros. Pictures describes the movie as: Following the global success of “Godzilla” and “Kong: Skull Island” comes the next chapter in Warner …

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What Apple's Pre-announcement Experience Offers For Nvidia Watchers

What can Tim Cook's cuts to estimates tell us about Nvidia earnings?...NVDA

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The Fallacy That Blockchain Is Stuck In One Place

Blockchain skeptics wrongly assume that the technology is in stasis writes Michael J. Casey.

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These Exchanges Allow You To Trade Cryptocurrencies Without Knowing You

The question regarding the balance between privacy and transparency predates the birth of Bitcoin. Decentralized ... This new ...

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Arwen Enables Self-custody For Traders Of Centralized Crypto Exchanges

Centralized exchanges are a common security concern in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. As a single point of failure they can be strong-armed by governments routinely targeted by hackers or operators could pull an exit scam and elope with client funds. Despite these risks they dominate cryptocurrency trading volumes. A new solution promises to enable trade to …

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The Daily: Bakkt Shares Btc Futures Details Kucoin Adds Grin Trading Pairs

Crypto platform Bakkt a subsidiary of Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) has released new details about its upcoming Bitcoin f...

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Is Cryptocurrencies Exchanges Doing It Wrong In 2019 ?

See the exchange like a shop you come in ... Not your keys not your crypto. Or because it’s too complicated to have all the ...

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Finding Liquidity In A Bearish Market Episode 3: A Dream Of Spring

Have you ever worshiped a monk or a Taoist priest for fortune-telling of your own? Believe or not I have. Go ahead call me superstitious. But if it’s about the future of blockchain industry I am…

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Cryptocurrency Market Update: Friday Correction Back To $130 Billion

Maker is the only crypto in the green but that is less than a percent. A new entry to the top one hundred is getting today’s ...

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