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Melonport Dissolves In Favor Of Its Protocol Setting A New Bar For The Blockchain World

In the world of blockchain it is the sector of Fintech where most think Satoshi’s invention will have the greatest impact. And in finance there are few more elite worlds that those of asset management. So it’s of some significance that a two-year long project to disrupt and open up this world usin…

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I Got A $50 Cryptocurrency Mystery Box A Year Ago… Now It’s Worth $2.90

The cryptocurrency mystery box I got last year has lost over 90 percent of the value at which I bought it. It seems HODLing can only get you this far.

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Cryptos Are ‘entirely Unsuitable For Investing In’: Ceo Of Allianz Global Investors

Not for the first time Andreas Utermann the CEO of German-based financial services conglomerate Allianz Global Investors has taken a swipe at digital currencies.

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Huobi Japan (bittrade) Opens Fully Licensed Exchange

There were 610 press releases posted in the last 24 hours and 150101 in the last 365 days.

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Huobi Resumes Operations In Japan As A Fully Regulated Exchange

At the moment Huobi Japan will offer trading of bitcoin ripple ether bitcoin cash litecoin and monacoin traded against ...

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Bearish Crypto Market Likely To Lead To More Hacking Attacks

The Ethereum Classic hack recently made headlines after hackers successfully launched a 51 percent attack on the blockchain and made away with over $200000 worth of the digital currency. was particularly affected but the hackers apparently returned a portion of the loot. According to a report released by about $100000 worth of the …

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Ethereum Classic (etc) Introduces Alert System For Double-spending Attacks

Ravencoin (RVN) is 47% attackable but this is somewhat worrying as the protocol claims to offer high security for the issua...

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Huobi Crypto Exchange Enters Japan’s ‘cashless’ Society

Japan is experiencing a boom in cryptocurrency operators with Singapore-based exchange Huobi the latest to secure its license to operate in the country.

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Huobi Japan Is Now A Fully-regulated Crypto Exchange

The cryptocurrency exchange was created through a merger between ... Huobi Japan offers to its clients Ethereum Bitcoin Cash ...

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Huobi Resumes Trading In Japan As Fsa-licensed Exchange

While a license has been mandatory for all crypto exchanges operating within ... s industry-record-breaking $532 million thef...

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Blockchain Burglar Returns Some Of $1m Crypto-swag

In an interesting move for villainy a thief who stole over $1 million from the Ethereum Classic blockchain has given some of it back.

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Alt-season Is Go? Waves Stratis And Monacoin Hit 50-70% Growth In One Day

The little known alt MonaCoin has been around since 2013 ... 4.5 stars on average based on 117 rated postsGreg Thomson is ...

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