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Ibm Unveils New Hybrid Cloud Offerings

Tools and services designed to help businesses deploy new applications across hybrid cloud environments with security and efficiency.

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Cryptopia Crypto Exchange Reopens For Password Changes; Mothership Tokens Recovered

Fake accounts are already promising deposits and withdrawals but the official exchange is still in the process of reopening.

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Hodler’s Digest Jan. 28 – Feb. 3: Top Stories Price Movements Quotes And Fud Of The Week

Iran could soon release its state-backed coin and Gemini announces it will complete further security compliance reviews.

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What All The Government Implemented In The Digital Ecosystem From The 2018-19 Indian Budget

By Trisha Jalan and Sneha Johari Earlier today the finance Minister announced India’s Interim Union Budget for 2019-2020 while touching on several aspects of technology finance startups etc. We combed through the Implementation of Budget 2018-19 (pdf) to highlight the government’s execution with projects in technology and the digital ecosystem in India. Here are the highlights: …

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Cryptopia Hacker Keeps Liquidating Tokens

In the past they have used centralized control as in the case of stolen KickCoin (KICK) or Bancor (BNT) units. This time h...

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Host A Bch Giveaway With’s Golden Ticket Software

Have you ever thought about creating a cryptocurrency giveaway during a hosted event? Now you can create your own crypto-based sweepstakes with’s event paper wallet generator. With’s Golden Ticket program and open source code the software allows anyone to develop fantastic tickets funded with bitcoin cash (BCH). Also Read: Peer-to-Peer Trading Platform Bitquick Implements …

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Daps (daps) Stolen Tokens Seen Traded On Mercatox

The investigation into the Cryptopia hack is ongoing and the New Zealand police have asked the crypto community to supply ad...

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Cryptopia Alleged Hack: Police Are On The Case While Community Tracks Down Stolen Funds

If true the criminals have stolen an abundance of ERC-20 tokens including Dentacoin Metal Ormeus Coin PowerLedger ... an...

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Cryptopia Exchange Tokens Trickle Into Binance

Reddit users have listed a non-exhaustive set of stolen tokens including Dentacoin Metal Ormeus Coin PowerLedger Revain ...

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