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A Big Shift In China: Consumers Are Trading Down Author Says

Labor markets are bad.

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Sec Chairman Confirms Ethereum Is Not A Security

In response to the news that the US Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Jay Clayton has confirmed that Ethereum is not a security we wanted to share some initial reactions from executive…

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Clayton’s Ethereum Statement Good News For Industry

“Confirmation from SEC Chairman Clayton that Ethereum is not a security is extremely encouraging for projects in the space and institutional investors as the criterium for crypto securities becomes m...

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Argentina Working And Binance Labs To Tackle Economic Crisis Via Blockchain And Cryptos

There are also issues such as high foreign-currency debt ... blockchain-related projects that are launched each year by Binance Labs and the collaboration will last for four years. The cryptocurrency ...

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Cryptocurrencies: Fad Or Future?

The UAE and Saudi Arabia have pledged to launch a joint cryptocurrency and pioneer regulations for digital currencies but concerns behind feasability remain

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The Argentinean Crypto Market Defies Crypto Winter

The Argentinean crypto market is growing at an exponential rate. While the overall cryptocurrency industry has ebbed and flowed with market sentiment the industry in the South American nation has defied the odds and more citizens now prefer transacting in crypto than before. The trend began last year when the country’s inflation rate reached a …

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Blockchain Space Thought Leaders On Facebook Acquiring Chainspace

“The impact of major players such as Facebook Amazon and Pfizer entering the blockchain space completely depends on their perception as to why blockcha...

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Facebook Buys Blockchain Firm Chainspace. What Does It Mean?

It was recently reported that Facebook has acquired Chainspace a London-based blockchain startup described as a scalable distributed ledger and smart

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Facebook Enters Blockchain Space With Chainspace Acquisition

It was recently reported that Facebook has acquired Chainspace its first company in the blockchain space. Chainspace is a smart contract protocol development and research firm. Simon / Pixabay Thi…

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Us-based Retail Banking Organization Turns To Blockchain Technology To Address Remittance Needs

we decided to go with Moonwhale Ventures not just only for its solid and clear ideas regarding the crypto asset ecosystem but ...

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Us And Russia Spar Over Accused Crypto-launderer

A tug-of-war over a Russian citizen detained in Greece sheds light on a global struggle over policing the multi-billion-dollar cryptocurrency sector.

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Blockchain Moves Out Of Crypto's Shadow Develops In Potential And Utility

SINGAPORE (Dec 31): In May the Monetary Authority of Singapore issued a warning against an unnamed company to stop the offering of digital tokens or its initial coin offering to investors here. The troubles in the cryptocurrency sector remind Brody of the dotcom bubble and bust in the early 2000s

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Nano And Bitgrail Hit By Another Class Action Lawsuit Related To Crypto Theft That Allegedly Saw $153 Million Disappear

Happy New Year. Filed on January 3rd the busy law firm of Levi & Korsinsky filed a class action lawsuit against Nano cryptocurrency and failed crypto

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