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Why Twitter's Ceo Is Backing A New Bitcoin Boom

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has been outspoken with bitcoin praise in recent months but what's behind his enthusiasm?

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Jackson County Paid Online Criminals $400000 To Stop Cyber-attack Officials Say

County manager Kevin Poe said that cyber-security consultants hired by the county paid the ransom in the crypto-currency Bitcoin which is difficult to trace. Investigators still have not determined ...

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6 More Upcoming Crypto Events That Could Pump These Coins – And Last Week’s Winners

This is a follow up to last week’s ‘6 Upcoming Events‘ article which detailed several tech updates on the horizon for various cryptocurrencies. Before we break into this week’s batch let’s look at how last week’s picks performed: IOST gained 28% Quarkchain gained 12% Theta Token gained 17% Aeternity gained 13% Ethereum gained 19% Cybermiles […]

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There's Hope For Markets In 2019 Despite 2018's Crypto Winter Here's Why

After all spring always follows winter

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There’s Hope For Markets In 2019 Despite 2018’s Crypto Winter Here’s Why

After all spring always follows winter 2018 was indeed a rollercoaster ride for the cryptocurrency market. The market which stood at its peak of over US$800 billion in January 2018 closed the year at around US$125 billion a drastic plunge from its earlier position. In the history of the crypto market

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Ceo Of Telecoms Giant Swisscom’s Blockchain Unit Steps Down

Daniel Haudenschild CEO of the blockchain advisory unit at Swiss state-owned telecoms company Swisscom has left the firm.

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Can You Tell An Author’s Identity By Looking At Punctuation Alone? A Study Just Found Out.

The way you use commas says more than you might expect.

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5 Facts About Edgar Allan Poe On His 210th Birthday

You can quote 'The Raven.' But how well do you know the writer’s quirky sense of humor and code-cracking abilities?

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J.k. Rowling Almost Killed Off Ron Weasley In The Harry Potter Series

Her reason? Sheer spite.

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Binance Expands Fiat-to-crypto Exchange Into Europe Via Jersey

Binance’s cryptocurrency exchange platform has expanded into the European market with its entry into the Island of Jersey a self-governing dependency of Great Britain.

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This Bitcoin Startup Is Working On Free Speech Alternatives To Patreon

“We want to remain a platform for every voice which is in our opinion a far greater task than monitoring ‘hate speech.’ We therefore need to make sure that the platform remains interesting for voices of the entire spectrum.”

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Brd Wallet Expands Crypto User Access Across Europe With Coinify Partnership

Customers will now be able to use the decentralized BRD Wallet to “purchase bitcoin at cost-efficient rates with SEPA bank transfers” within Coinify’s trading platform.

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Bitwage Service Adds Payroll Tax Payment Funding Options For U.s. Businesses

Essentially Bitwage now allows companies across the United States and Puerto Rico to fund their W2 payrolls and payroll taxes in ether and bitcoin.

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Bitmain Continues To Downsize Amid Management Restructuring Reports

"There has been some adjustment to our staff this year as we continue to build a long-term sustainable and scalable business."

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Coinbase Continues To Explore Customer Benefits With The Addition Of A Paypal Facility

At a glance this could be an article from 2016. It was back then when Coinbase announced that they were adding PayPal.

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