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Decentralized World

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency using a ... received with the local currency (still not many merchant accepts crypto as a payment for their products). Another problem that in my opinion ...

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The Best Strategy To Recover From A Stock-market Bottom Is One You Already Know

Ten years from the post-crisis stock-market bottom three money managers share their experiences.

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Bitcoin Appreciated By Over 70000x Over Past Decade: Can Btc Move Even Higher?

Popular industry commentator The Crypto Dog known for his astute takes on the market recently explained that Bitcoin’s status quo (and crypto’s by extension) is to lose 80% to 90% of its value “and ...

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Trade Bitcoin The Right Way

To say recent history has been an emotional roller-coaster for Bitcoin would be an understatement! The market opened 2017 at a price of $966.0 and wrapped up the year at $18960 carving out a whopping 1861.51% gain. 2018 however has not been so kind. Deteriorating from its 2017 peak just south of the $20000 mark

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Will Artificial Intelligence Be Used For Total Economic Control?

When crypto cultists talk about the marriage of AI and the blockchain they usually do so with Utopian stars in their eyes. But transparency in all areas of trade is not necessarily a good thing. As I ...

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Otc Crypto Trading Platforms Can’t Escape The Bear Market’s Claws

The bear market has affected every aspect of the cryptocurrency industry. How has it affected OTC trading? Experts weigh in.

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Buzzworthy Bitcoin Betting Game Hxro To Add Thousands Of Waitlisted Users

In beta since January bitcoin betting game Hxro is adding thousands of waitlisted users today.

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Matthias Egli: How Swiss Firm Discovered Ethereum Glitch

It was back in January when staff at Zurich-based ChainSecurity were preparing some examples of how auditing crypto technology can work when one of the company’s founders – Dr Hubert Ritzdorf – noticed something awry in the programming. The Ethereum Constantinople update was postponed when issues in

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Crypto Chaos: From Vancouver To Halifax Tracing The Mystery Of Quadriga’s Missing Millions

Gerald Cotten built one of Canada’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges but its collapse has left $250-million of investors’ funds in limbo. The mystery of Quadriga stretches from Vancouver and Toronto to a trailer park in suburban Saint John N.B. Joe Castaldo Alexandra Posadzki Jessica Leeder and Lindsay Jones report

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Millions Of Dollars Of Cryptocurrency 'lost' After Man Dies With Only Bitcoin Wallet Password

The unexpected death of the owner of Canada's largest cryptocurrency exchange has left £145 million of cryptocurrency locked in a digital wallet to which he reportedly had the only password. Gerald Cotten who served as the chief executive of the QuadrigaCX exchange died on 9 December in India due to complications relating to Crohn's disease according to Canadian court documents filed by the company. The Vancouver-based exchange claimed in a...

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The Art Of Cutting Losers And Letting Winners Run In Crypto Trading

One of the most important rules for trading in financial markets is cutting losing trades quickly and letting winners run.

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Crypto Bouts Of Anxiety Strike Again As Crypto Winter Refuses To Thaw

Digital diehards were rejoicing. Bitcoin prices soon pierced $4000 a level that had been described as a “titanium resistanc...

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How A Startup Is Using Magic Mushrooms To Treat Depression

Peter Thiel (Co-founder of Paypal First Outside Investor in Facebook Founder of Palantir) Their investors include the infam...

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How Bitcoin Could Plunge To $1700 In June: Prominent Crypto Analyst

Simply because the hype surrounding the following Bitcoin block praise halving has heated up sparki

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The Psychology Of The Stock Market And Investment Decisions

Investors are people not robots and people can be swayed by emotions like fear or excitement. And in the investing world that can be a big problem.

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Psychedelics Ferraris And Art: An Alternative Investment Guide

When money and connections mean you can invest in just about anything anywhere and over any time frame what winds up in your portfolio?

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