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What’s The Back Story To Security Token Offerings And Regulation?

The initial coin offering (ICO) / Security Token Offering (STO) continues to endure a period of regulatory uncertainty. As things stand right now ICOs

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Zcash Bug Demonstrates The Difficulty Of Auditing Complex Cryptocurrencies

A recent counterfeiting bug in Zcash demonstrates that the added functionality of so-called second generation blockchains comes at a price. The vulnerability which existed for years before being patched in October could have been exploited to generate additional coins. As every major cryptocurrency since Bitcoin has demonstrated added complexity corresponds with lower security. Also read: Australian

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Zcash Cryptocurrency Fixes Infinite Counterfeiting Vulnerability

Zcash devs keep dangerous flaw secret for eight months while they prepare and ship a much-needed fix.

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Komodo Hardfork Surge Continues; Kmd Coin Price Up 94% In December

Komodo (KMD) saw a 94% increase to its value ... 4.5 stars on average based on 116 rated postsGreg Thomson is a full-time cr...

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Crypto Crystal Ball Time – Seven Trends That Will Shape Cryptos In 2019

From our review of initial guesstimates there will be seven major trends that will define the crypto industry in 2019 ... an...

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