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Securitize Elevated Returns Pick Tezos For Asset Tokenization

Until now Ethereum and EOS have been the platforms of choice for issuing digital securities. Elevated Returns the project b...

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Elevated Returns Will Sell $1bn In Real Estate With Tezos Blockchain

Real estate investment company Elevated Returns says it will be using the Tezos blockchain to sell over $1 billion-worth of property

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Pantera Coinbase Join $4.5 Million Round For Staking-as-a-service Startup

Blockchain investment firm Pantera Capital is leading a $4.5 million seed round in Staked a startup that provides institutional investors with the technical infrastructure for non-custodial staking services.

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Pantera Capital Coinbase Back Crypto Startup Staked In $4.5 Million Round

“Pantera invests in many leading proof-of-stake projects so we knew we needed a staking solution. [...] We liked Staked because of the experienced team focus on institutions and broader vision around helping investors earn yield on their cryptocurrency.”

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Pantera Coinbase Join $4.5 Million Round In Staking-as-a-service Startup

Pantera Capital and Coinbase Ventures have joined a $4.5 million round for Staked a firm that helps investors back proof-of-stake cryptos.

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