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Jim Cramer's Got His Eye On Nvidia's Earnings

Jim Cramer's watching Nvidia's earnings here's what he's thinking ahead of the call with CEO Jensen Huang after the market closes Thursday....NVDA

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Positive Crypto Price Trend Moves Vechain (vet)

As many are likely aware of the previous twelve months were not particularly friendly to cryptocurrencies and there were two major market crashes since January 2018. However it could be that investors’ wishes are finally coming true as the market is currently seeing actual gains. While there is still no certainty regarding this behavior investors …

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What Is Power Ledger Network? Introduction To Powr And Sparkz Tokens

By October 6 2017 350000000 POWR was distributed raising a total of $34 million (AUD) worth of ETH. The remaining 65000...

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How Cyprus Is Becoming The Next Blockchain Hotspot

Another Mediterranean island is conquering the world of blockchain.

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The Crypto Fall: As Prices Get Ever Lower Innovation Has Never Been Higher

We are in the Crypto Fall: not quite winter not quite summer. Prices keep on going down but they have not reached anywhere near the bottom. Yet innovation in the crypto ecosystem has in many respects never been higher proceeding in an almost inverse fashion to cryptocurrency prices.

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A World Divided: Trump And China Take Sides In Venezuela; Maduro Warns: ‘blood’s On Your Hands’

The U.S and China have lined themselves up along either side of the ever-widening Venezuelan faultline as Donald Trump continues to stoke the fire which rages between Nicolas Maduro and the new self-declared president Juan Guaido. On Monday Donald Trump and his cabinet cranked up trade sanctions against the troubled Venezuelan regime while Maduro responded […]

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Top 10 Penny Cryptocurrencies In 2019 – What Are They?

Even though they are worth less than $1 some penny cryptocurrencies are so popular among the people that they are holding at least 10 spots in the top 30 cryptocurrencies in the world.

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Blockchain Supply Project Partners With Jpmorgan- And Alibaba-backed Tech Firm

Yonathan Lapchik Citizen’s Reserve’s Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) explained to Crypto Briefing that blockchain could ... ...

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Omisego: 2018 In Review Plasma And Ewallet Updates Chart Comparing Different Plasma Designs

The team made a big step forward at the tail end of December with the release of version 1.1.0-pre.0. This is a pre-release meaning a candidate for release which will undergo thorough testing and…

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Trust Wallet Expands With Btc Bch Ltc

TrustWallet was acquired by Binance in July 2018 and has become the official wallet app to first connect to the Ethereum net...

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Trade Recommendation: Vechain

VeChain (VET/BTC) is a coin that is currently ... Kiril’s current focus is on cryptocurrencies and ETFs as he does his own c...

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Oceanex New Year Updates — January 2019

2018 has been a fruitful year for OceanEx. We have accomplished many stunishing milestones: launched Alpha test in September then OceanEx Beta in November and had our 1st VeFam projectSafe Haven…

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Vechain Foundation Reflects On 2018 And States Goals For 2019

VeChain Foundation talked about its 2018 performance while detailing what it has in store for the VeChainThor project in 2019.

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Eternal Token (xet) Follows Epic Pump With Nosedive

Even amid the almost year-long slide crypto markets are demonstrating there is still place ... In recent weeks Factom (FCT) ...

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