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Bitcoin Is A New Technology & Old Regulations Can’t Govern It

The Ocean State Rhode Island has recently proposed a bipartisan bill as per which the tokens with a rather ‘consumptive purpose’ (utility tokens) are to be set apart from the other t…

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Best Cryptocurrencies To Mine In 2019

Since Bitcoin is pretty much old news in today’s world most people already know that it just like most other cryptocurrencies is obtained through a process called mining. The common conception regarding mining is that it’s extremely expensive because it requires massive amounts of electricity and highly specialized rigs and almost not at all profitable. …

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Asics Vs. Everyone: Who Will Win The Crypto Mining Arms Race?

Satoshi Nakamoto wrote in the Bitcoin Whitepaper: “As long as a majority of CPU power is controlled by nodes that are not cooperating to attack the network they’ll generate the longest chain and outp...

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Mailbag: Crypto Hacks Using Bitcoin To Buy Coffee

In this week’s Mailbag Andy talks crypto hacks and Adam discusses why he probably won’t be buying coffee with bitcoin anytime soon.

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What Is Zcoin Protocol? Introduction To Xzc Cryptocurrency

including Bitcoin Litecoin and Zcash which are mentioned in this article. Brian Penny is a former Business Analyst and Ope...

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Ethereum Classic (etc) Introduces Alert System For Double-spending Attacks

Ravencoin (RVN) is 47% attackable but this is somewhat worrying as the protocol claims to offer high security for the issua...

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The Ethereum Classic Attacker Has Sent A Bigger Message

Michael J. Casey is the chairman of CoinDesk’s advisory board and a senior advisor for blockchain research at MIT’s Digital Currency Initiative.

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Grayscale Assures Investors: Ethereum Classic Trust Funds Not At ‘direct Risk’

In the wake of a 51 percent attack on ethereum classic (ETC) the manager of an investment vehicle that holds the cryptocurrency has been fielding inquiries from investors looking to understand if the underlying assets in the fund are safe CoinDesk has learned.

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