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What Are Non-fungible Tokens? Unique & Authentic Digital Assets

Fungibility is a desired aspect of any currency that aims to be a store of value medium of exchange or unit of account. In cryptocurrencies fungibility is important to maintaining legitimacy of the currency’s interchangeability between units. Recently a new type of token known as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have come to the forefront as an …

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Blockchain In Online Gaming

I’ve always been fascinated by the videogames industry. For over two decades now I’ve watched it evolve and change at a much faster pace than any entertainment medium before it. Given its technology-driven nature it’s no surprise that video gaming has been able to grow so much so quickly. Even more so than other technology-based

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Day Of The Dex: Why Kyber Network And Bancor Just Exploded Hand In Hand

The past twenty-four hours saw massive gains for Kyber Network (KNC) and Bancor (BNT) – two decentralized exchange (DEX) projects in the market cap top hundred. Kyber Network spiked 75% at its peak early on Saturday morning while Bancor also gained a chunky 40% overnight. So why did these two decentralized exchanges undergo such radical […]

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The Perfect Storm Engulfing The World’s Top Car Manufacturers

Car makers convening at Geneva Motor Show — and those skipping the event this year — are facing a perfect storm of trade tariffs slumping demand in the crucial Chinese market and a backlash against diesel which are together having a seismic effect on businesses.

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This Pump Ain’t Over: Why Enjin Coin Is Still Bullish After Galaxy S10 Confirms Enj

Enjin Coin was the beneficiary of 67% growth in a single day moving into Friday shortly after rumours surrounding its addition to the Samsung Galaxy S10 were confirmed. The ENJ coin price spiked 93% at its peak before undergoing a large pullback while the coin’s trade volume surged to a new all-time high of $155 […]

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Eos Reddit: What Does Tim Sweeney Have To Say?

This week in the EOS subreddit redditors have been hyped about EOS Knights being one of the top popular blockchain games; meanwhile LiquidApps introduced an extensive platform called the DAPP Netw…

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Understanding Tradeoffs: Decentralization Vs. Usability

Blockchains have unlocked a new design space for computing with the advent of trustless computing. In a world of increasing centralization (a la the Big Four) increasing control and exploitation (a…

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Crypto Market Wrap: A Few Survivors As Markets Correct

Crypto markets starting to pullback ... The only other altcoin defying the pullback is Stellar which has made 4% enabling XLM ...

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Exchange Wash Trading Continues To Stain The Crypto Industry

When Crypto Briefing first started looking at MCO trading activity on Friday we noticed that a staggering 80% of all MCO vo...

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Crypto Trading Volume Hits 9 Month High At $34 Billion

Crypto markets nonetheless rallying; EOS and BCH operating away with it Cardano Sprint and ETC acting neatly. The large cry...

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Crypto Markets Hit Monthly High With $5 Billion Pump

Ethereum is the clear winner in crypto land at the moment as it pumps 11% on the day to a high of $138. Hard fork fervor seem...

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News Fix: Google And Facebook Up Their Blockchain Game

In this week’s News Fix an Arizona county prosecutor has charged a cancer patient for a medical marijuana technicality and Google and Facebook are stepping up their blockchain game.

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Crypto Market Wrap: Stagnation As Bitcoin Hits New 2019 Low

Crypto markets are stagnant as we finish the week; Litecoin IOTA ETC and NEM transferring somewhat

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Crypto Market Wrap: Minor Recovery In $5 Billion Bounce

WAX and Chainlink are also posting double digit gains during the Asian trading session. There are very few altcoins in the re...

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Cryptocurrencies Robotics And Ai Will Dominate 2019 | Pkf Malta

Malta just about climbed the hill of blockchain and must now scale the mountain of AI a sector in which US tech giants pour billions of dollars in research and development

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Crypto Market Falls In Installments; Bitcoin And Xrp In Lockstep; Small Alts Pump

The cryptocurrency market continued to fall ... Such was the case across many major alts including Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Bitco...

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The Sisters Of Eos

This post aims to provide a brief introduction about the sister chains of EOS which are not discussed especially outside the EOS community. To keep the post short we will discuss the three largest…

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