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Bitcoin Private [btcp] Developers Serve Legal Notice To Hitbtc For Delisting Btcp From Exchange

HitBTC the fifth largest cryptocurrency exchange according to CoinMarketCap has been accused of the “questionable unjustifiable reasoning” that went into delisting Bitcoin Private [BTCP]. Bitcoi…

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Bitcoin Private Team Accuses Crypto Exchange Hitbtc Of Fraud After Delisting

Bitcoin Private (BTCP) developers have accused cryptocurrency exchange HitBTC of fraud in connection with the recent coinburn.

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Zcash (zec) Eliminates Counterfeiting Vulnerability

For now it is almost certain ZClassic and Bitcoin Private (BTCP) are affected according to Rhett Creighton who initially w...

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Cryptopia Hacker Keeps Liquidating Tokens

In the past they have used centralized control as in the case of stolen KickCoin (KICK) or Bancor (BNT) units. This time h...

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Creators Accused Of Ripping Off Investors By Covertly “premining” Bitcoin Private Coins

An accused scammer serial forker of cryptocurrencies the San Francisco Bay Area software engineer Rhett Creighton is in hot water this week on

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Cryptocurrencies Annual Market Recap – 2018

There were a number of events through the year that influenced sentiment across the cryptomarket supporting the crypto bears through most if not all of the year.

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Crypto Theses For 2019

As another year wraps up I started writing an email to close friends and investors on the “state of crypto” and my forecasts. As it got longer it turned into this sprawling post. A few notes: 1)…

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