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4 Crypto Assets Break Above Key Moving Average Leaving Bitcoin Behind

A few well-known cryptocurrencies are currently trading above their 200-day moving averages which is widely considered to be a sign of a healthy market yet the long lime market leader bitcoin is not.

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The Ultimate Eidoo Wallet Review

If you’re in the market for a mobile Ethereum wallet that provides quick and convenient access to the world’s best smart contracts network all while offering strong security and protection for your private keys then you might be interested in checking out Eidoo. Launched in August 2017 Eidoo is a multicurrency wallet designed to be …

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Binance’s Crypto Bnb No Longer Tracks Bitcoin – And That’s A Big Deal

The price trend of Binance Coin is significantly deviating from that of bitcoin and other well known cryptos as it continues to see rapid gains.

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Crypto Winter Thaws As February Proves Month Of Market Gains

With February’s crypto market activity now etched in the record books signs are emerging that a long crypto winter may be close to an end.

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Mkr Theta Enj Met: These 4 Cryptos Outperformed The Market In February

Bitcoin may have ended a six-month losing streak in February but MKR THETA ENJ and MET ensure it wasn't the crypto market's biggest winner.

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Cryptocurrency Market Crashes – What To Do?

Last week of February 2019 was exceptional for crypto business. The optimism filled the investors as the rates kept rising for the whole week. It looked like February would end in a plus until Sunday afternoon. The cryptocurrency rate suddenly fell for an astonishing 10 billion dollars. Zilliqa Litecoin and Holochain suffered the largest losses. …

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Neo Dapp Migrates To Eos For Faster Speed

“The Effect Network cannot be built on a blockchain of uncertainty” he added. Today’s news will be a big blow. Effect.AI was ...

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Global Cryptocurrency Trading Volumes Jump To 300-day Highs

The total trading volume in the cryptocurrency market recorded yesterday reached a its highest amount since April 25 2018.

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How Does Zilliqa’s Sharding Work?

Zilliqa (ZIL) the cryptocurrency which has famously achieved sharding has formally launched their mainnet on January 31 20...

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Zilliqa (zil) Mainnet Launch Fails To Lift Pressure On Price

In past years Ethereum (ETH) and OmiseGo (OMG) made plans for sharding but they are yet to be implemented. Although long-aw...

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Crypto Price Predictions For Bat Iota Zil And Etn

As we approach the end of January 2019 crypto investors around the world are becoming anxious to see some change in an otherwise relatively stationary market. Many have predicted that 2019 will be a big year for crypto as a large bull run is expected to arrive and help Bitcoin and altcoins reach old heights …

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Small-alt Season: Why They’re Pumping And One Way To Spot Them Before They Do

Zilliqa (ZIL) just posted 4% gains as trade ... 4.5 stars on average based on 125 rated postsGreg Thomson is a full-time cry...

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Crypto Update: Zilliqa A Good Buy On Dips

Zilliqa (ZIL/BTC) has been on our radar ever since it revisited a price level of 0.0000039 on November 20 2018. At that poin...

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Bittrex Highlights The Progress It Has Made In Its 2018 Review

Cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex looked back at its achievements and reviewed its performance in 2018 as it moves closer to its 5th anniversary.

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