A Social Media Giant and Cryptocurrency: What you Need to Know About Facebook’s Entry into the Cryptosphere

and the crypto world’s axis is tilting in the direction. The California-based social networking titan declared in May 2018 that it was creating a team within its ranks to explore the technology behind ...

A Social Media Giant and Cryptocurrency: What you Need to Know About Facebook’s Entry into the Cryptosphere
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Social Media Icos: How Token Sales Are Funding The Next Generation Of Social Interaction

Social media has emerged as one of the most effective ways to communicate advertise and inform over the last decade. From the early days of Myspace to today’s burgeoning platforms social media has evolved into a multifaceted beast. According to Statista 2.77 billion people used one form of social media or another in 2019. With …

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Social Chains Brings Verified Identity Blockchain Tokens To Social Media

Most social networks make it as easy as possible to sign up. Just create a user name with a valid email address and you're in. But becoming a part of Houston-based SocialChains has a higher bar. Yep there's email verification as with other networks. And then there's phone number verification. Then you submit your driver's license or government photo ID. Oh and don't forget the facial recognition that matches a selfie to your ID's picture. Then and only then are you granted access to a network that rewards you with tokens tied to a cryptocurrency.

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Get Social In Real World Again With Cybntity's New Social Platform Goodtime

AUSTIN Texas March 11 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- CYBntity LLC. is launching its new social platform GoodTime for iOS and Android devices on March 11 2019 at SXSW Startup Spotlight. The AI-powered social platform works as a perfect assistant for consumers and businesses to plan and organize

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This New Social Security Bill Could Make Social Security Even Better

It raises enough new revenue to more than restore long-run balance.

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Social Trading

Built on a foundation of pioneering ... don’t just get inspiration from your trading peers you can also collaborate with the...

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Why India Inc. Needs To Invest In Social Justice

At the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) we have been running ... We welcome your comments at [email protected] The crypto w...

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Social App Review: Steemit

This is a similar sitch.) Another interesting aspect of the site is that you use a special crypto token to transact on it called Steem. This token is tied to the Steemit ecosystem and at present can ...

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Social Media Ads: Basics You Need To Know About Each Platform

Is advertising part of your social media strategy? While organic social media marketing plays an important role in a successful……

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The Future Of Work – A Social Challenge

“Worst case scenario: there simply won’t be enough jobs in the system in the future. Business cannot escape from this responsibility – we must join together to collectively take action before this becomes a devastating social crisis.” Charles Tsai Senior Manager Fossil Foundation. If the transition to the future of work isn’t handled properly trust

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Tagged: Social Crypto Trading Platform

The social crypto trading platform Blockport plans to launch a multi-stage security token offering (STO) starting in March 2019 with the goal to raise at least 15 million EUR for company expansion. STO Funds are earmarked for establishing operations in the U.S. and other countries… Read More

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Jet8 Launches World's First Social Wallet

The new JET8 Wallet connects users around the world to social community apps that allow them to earn from their social media content and gives them access to JET8's vast liquidity network J8T token holders ...

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How Does Social Sentiment Affect The Bitcoin Market?

There’s a rather unhealthy obsession going on with price in the Bitcoin market. Speculators are everywhere particularly on social media where a few good calls can grow your audience exponentially just like the price itself. A new wave of crypto projects and research outfits are popping up with buzzwords like artificial intelligence and bold claims …

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Why Cryptos Might Never Go Big On Facebook And Other Social Media

Cryptos took the world by storm in 2017 and despite the fact that what followed was the longest and harshest crypto winter in their history — they continued to attract investors and tech-savvy users. Their popularity kept growing despite declining prices. So much so that some of the largest social media and messaging platforms have …

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Social Crypto Trader Blockport Sets Sail

Blockport a European cryptocurrency trading platform is coming out of beta and into full launch to offer trading with social sharing and bank connectivity.

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20 Active Crypto Influencers To Follow On Social Media

Despite the bear trend in 2018 Bitcoin hit the 600 billion market cap and we saw the number of ICOs nearly double. And 2019 is bound to be another year of innovation for blockchain tech and crypto. Although there are thousands committed to crypto there are some influencers who are working behind the scenes for the …

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Jse Launches Jamaica Social Stock Exchange

The Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) the world's number one performing sto...

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