Blockchain gaming project Ludos and Huobi launch EOS based exchange

Ludos a purpose-built blockchain infrastructure project for the gaming community and blockchain asset exchange company Huobi today announced the coming…

Blockchain gaming project Ludos and Huobi launch EOS based exchange
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Bitcoin Daily: Overstock Invests In Blockchain Banking Co; Ripple Gets Into Blockchain Gaming

The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) announced it is integrating CipherTrace’s Compliance Monitoring product to “protect consumers investors and business partners.” The product utilizes blockchain analytics and forensics to search for “suspicious” addresses and wallets as well as profile crypto exchanges ATMs coin mixers money laundering systems and criminal addresses to determine the risk level.

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Fireside Chat About Key Compliance And Aml Issues For Gaming And Online Merchants At Prague Gaming Summit 3

Prague Gaming Summit 3 will highlight some of the most important facts about compliance for both operators and software providers.

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Blockchain In Online Gaming

I’ve always been fascinated by the videogames industry. For over two decades now I’ve watched it evolve and change at a much faster pace than any entertainment medium before it. Given its technology-driven nature it’s no surprise that video gaming has been able to grow so much so quickly. Even more so than other technology-based

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Brainvire Building A Crypto-powered ‘pay-to-play’ Gaming Platform For One Of The Leaders In The Mobile Gaming Industry

Mobile gaming apps built by Brainvire in the recent past have attracted the attention of one of the leaders in this...

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Is Blockchain Going To Change The Gaming Industry?

Where culture and design meet function

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Blockchain Gaming: Separating Signal From The Noise

Devin Finzer is the co-founder of OpenSea a decentralized marketplace for crypto assets.

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Integrating Art Gaming And Commerce Through Blockchain

An innovative project called PixEOS is pioneering forward as the “first arts and games smart economy on the EOS blockchain” where creativity and marketplaces collide. We examine this project in some detail.

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Hashcash Unveils Its Blockchain Gaming Platform In The Robust Uk...

HashCash Unveils its Blockchain Gaming Platform in the Robust UK...

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The Blockchain Gaming Platform By Hashcash Decentralizes The Video...

The Blockchain Gaming Platform by HashCash Decentralizes the Video...

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Gambling And Gaming: The Blockchain’s Most Important Flag-bearers?

Gaming as an industry is expected to grow by 25% between 2016 and 2020 and the lion’s share of this will take place in ... t...

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Tech Legend Yat Siu Doubles Down On Blockchain Gaming

He discovered that there was no internet service in the city ... every item and character in a game can be unique virtual ass...

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Blockchain To Match Gaming Industry Levels Of Trading Within Five Years

The volume of cryptocurrency and token trading in and from Malta is reported to be increasing daily to the extent that it is expected to match the size of trading registered by the gaming industry locally within five years

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Komodo (kmd) Price Up 20% As Blockchain Gaming Progress Builds

Komodo (KMD) gained 20% on its value leading into Tuesday morning hot on the heels of a sudden increase to marketing efforts and the successful testing of multiplayer gaming modes on its blockchain. Komodo Price – KMD/USD The KMD coin price soared throughout the early hours of Tuesday morning and the bulk of the 20% […]

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Blockchain Gaming Platform Playgame Secures Funding From Tron

Just fully established a little less than a year ago the Indonesia-based platform raises an undisclosed amount of funding

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Blockmason And Magnachain Team Up To Bring Blockchain To Gaming Platforms

Blockmason and Magnachain team up to bring blockchain to gaming platforms - SiliconANGLE

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Can A New Service-based Blockchain Business Model Deliver For Online Gaming?

Doubtlessly ever since the dawn of the blockchain technology in 2008 industries have been revolutionized by the uncontested decentralization security and transparency it delivers to traditional systems. We examine Faireum which claims to offer a fair solution for iGaming using blockchain.

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