Blockchain Goes Mobile: The First Crypto MVNO Announces Loyalty Rewards Program

I recommend that you check out an article I wrote here at about how an underrated star in crypto (Electroneum) rec...

Blockchain Goes Mobile: The First Crypto MVNO Announces Loyalty Rewards Program
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Mckinsey Report Blockchain’s Occam Problem Says Blockchain Is Stuck In Stage One. Blockchain Advocates Respond

This past week global consultancy firm McKinsey published a widely read report on the emerging blockchain industry titled Blockchain’s Occam problem.

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Blockchain Collaboration Between Frankfurt Blockchain Hub And The Hogeg Blockchain Research Institute Set To Begin

Inline Sales GmbH - The <b>Hogeg Blockchain Research Institute’s research focuses on applied blockchain technologies.</b> The institute brin...

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Blockchain Blockchain Blockchain: The 10 Most Popular Startup News Articles For 2018

Looking at what StartupSmart readers liked the most this year one clear trend sticks out: blockchain and Bitcoin were the hottest topics of 2018.

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Blockchain Update: Wwf-australia Launches Sustainable Food-tracking Blockchain

Ethical food tracking

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Wall Street Blockchain Alliance Forms New Partnership With R3 For Corda Blockchain Platform

The Wall Street Blockchain Alliance (WSBA) a non-profit trade association with a mission to guide and promote comprehensive adoption of blockchain

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Mu Blockchain Club Hosts Conference On Blockchain Data And 21st-century Tech

You might have heard of Bitcoin with all the traction it’s gained over the past several years as the popular cryptocurrency used by techies everywhere – even to the point that Ohio now lets you us…

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Bitcoin Daily: Overstock Invests In Blockchain Banking Co; Ripple Gets Into Blockchain Gaming

The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) announced it is integrating CipherTrace’s Compliance Monitoring product to “protect consumers investors and business partners.” The product utilizes blockchain analytics and forensics to search for “suspicious” addresses and wallets as well as profile crypto exchanges ATMs coin mixers money laundering systems and criminal addresses to determine the risk level.

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Blockchain This Week: The Case For Centralisation Blockchain Jobs Mexican Narcos And More

Inc42 talked to Vinay Nair of Nair Ventures on the case for centralisation in blockchain while mexican drug cartels get a taste of blockchain

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Blockchain Unicorns Tokyo Bolsters China-japan Blockchain Ecosystem

Wang Chao SwissBorg China Ambassador and Amber Chook PR/Business Development Manager explored ‘where crypto and blockchain ...

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Wall Street Blockchain Alliance Joins Enterprise Blockchain Consortium R3

The Wall Street Blockchain Alliance (WSBA) has joined blockchain consortium R3 to develop applications and solutions on their Corda platform a Feb. 5 press release reports. The WSBA is a non-profit trade association that promotes the general adoption of blockchain technology and crypto assets across

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Detroit Blockchain Center Hosting Inaugural Blockchain Fintech 'pitchfest'

The Detroit Blockchain Center announced Tuesday it will be hosting the inaugural Detroit Blockchain & Fintech Pitchfest on Thursday Feb. 28 powered by ...

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Blockchain Needs A Makeover And Denmark’s New Blockchain Research Center Is Up To The Challenge

The internet is swirling with theories about why coin prices fell and when they might rise again. But what about blockchain itself? What about all of the innovative use cases and applications we were promised? Did they disintegrate along with crypto’s prices? According to Concordium Network blockchain will rise again – and next time bigger and better – thanks to the brand…

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German Blockchain Week In February: Meeting Of The European Blockchain Community

The German Blockchain Week 2019 is a series of community meetups that happen between February 21st and February 28th across major cities in Germany.

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Global Blockchain Mining Says Nuvo Cash Ltd Blockchain Network Crowdsale Set For March 1

Global Blockchain Mining Corp (CSE:FORK) said Tuesday that the crowdsale for the Nuvo token will begin March 1 with its bounty campaign starting February 18.

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Blockchain Latest News: Bank Jp Morgan Bets On Blockchain Unveils Its Own Digital Currency

But now the bank has announced it's been testing its own digital (not crypto-) currency for use in its wholesale ... but Cryp...

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Blockchain This Week: Government-backed Blockchain Event Zebi’s Element42 Acquisition And More

The technology will use cloud-based Tier-3 Datacenter to provide real-time high-speed data computing and storage with no dow...

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