Blockchain researchers are still finding critical vulnerabilities in EOS

2019 has barely started and has already handed out $50750 worth of bug bounties to researchers who found kinks in its EOS cryptocurrency.

Blockchain researchers are still finding critical vulnerabilities in EOS
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Depending on who you ask blockchain technology is poised to revolutionize the world — from creating a universal currency to building a free and truly

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Mit Researchers' New Cryptocurrency Is Faster More Efficient

MIT researchers have developed a new cryptocurrency that drastically reduces the data users need to join the network and verify transactions by up to 99 per cent compared to the current popular cryptocurrencies.

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Mit Researchers’ New Cryptocurrency Is Faster More Efficient

Cryptocurrencies such as the popular Bitcoin are networks built on the blockchain a financial ledger formatted in a sequence of individual blocks each containing transaction data. To join a cryptocurrency new users must download and store all transaction data from hundreds of thousands of individual blocks. They must also store[Read More...]

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A Solution To Scalability: Researchers From Top Us Universities Collaborate On New Cryptocurrency

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The new cryptocurrency Vault drastically decreases the amount of data a user needs to join the network and verify transactions by up to 99% compared to Bitcoin.

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Mit Researchers' Vault Cryptocurrency 99 Percent More Efficient Than Bitcoin

MIT researchers have developed a new cryptocurrency that drastically reduces the data users need to join the network and veri...

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Researchers Find Flaws With Proof Of Stake (pos) Cryptocurrency Projects

The largest cryptocurrencies affected by market capitalization include QTUM which currently ranks twenty-ninth with a market ...

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Report: Mit Researchers Design Cryptocurrency 99% Less Data-intensive Than Bitcoin

MIT researchers have created a cryptocurrency that reportedly requires less data storage than Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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Security Researchers Discover New Bleichenbacher Tls 1.3 Encryption Threat Vector

Is your data secure? Researchers recently discovered a new variation of the Bleichenbacher oracle attack that could threaten ...

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Researchers Use Intel Sgx To Put Malware Beyond The Reach Of Antivirus Software

Processor protects malware from attempts to inspect and analyze it.

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Cambridge University Researchers Discover Promising Way To Track Stolen Bitcoin (btc)

Still there are two problems with this approach. First of all for governments to prosecute theft using the same legal proce...

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Mit Researchers’ Create New Cryptocurrency That Consumes 99% Lesser Data Than Bitcoin

MIT researches created a new cryptocurrency that reduces the data users need to verify transactions and join the network by 9...

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Researchers Discover Malware That Targets Apple Mac Computers And Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Fortune 500 Daily & Breaking Business News

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Researchers Discover Cryptocurrency Stealing Malware Hiding On Google Play Store

If you're one of the few people that carries a sizable value of cryptocurrency on their Android smartphone then you might want to check the balance of

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