Cryptocurrency A Great Idea But World Not Ready For It: Kaspersky

Russian cybersecurity expert Eugene Kaspersky says cryptocurrency is a great idea but it will not be successful unless freed from government control. Cryptocurrencies are a great idea but the world is not ready for them yet.

Cryptocurrency A Great Idea But World Not Ready For It: Kaspersky
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Cryptocurrency is the future of currency and investor’s are taking full advantage. This next generation of currency is faster safer and more convenient. They’re decentralized which means they’re not subject to the whim or credit of a government. They’re independent of central banks. They can’t be traced or devalued.

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Cities + Technology + People

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This Is How Cryptocurrency Works

Cryptocurrencies are decentralised encrypted digital assets that may be exchanged over a public ledger and verified through a process known as mining.

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'cryptocurrency Fantasy Is Over'

The price of bitcoin the world's most popular cryptocurrency was next to zero in 2009 but soared to near $20000 at the end of 2017 only to crash back to the mid-$3000 level this year. What's next? Three experts contacted by The Korea Times said they believe the future of cryptocurrencies is bleak and the value of most “coins” will most likely go back to where they started - zero.

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