Cryptopia Hacker Keeps Liquidating Tokens

In the past they have used centralized control as in the case of stolen KickCoin (KICK) or Bancor (BNT) units. This time h...

Cryptopia Hacker Keeps Liquidating Tokens
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Cryptopia Hacker Steals Another $175000 From 17000 Users

Fifteen days after a hacker stole $16 million from Cryptopia the exchange seems to have suffered another massive loss from the same hacker

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Hacker Reportedly Continues To Siphon Off Cryptopia Exchange

Crypto currency looting from a New Zealand-based crypto trading company continues unabated several days after it suffered a major hacking attack according to data company Elementus.

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The World Of The White Hat Hacker

Two teens who have become well known in the industry share their insights about the growing community of ethical hackers.

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Hacker Whips Out Evidence Of Kyc Leak

But in 2018 more markets added a screening procedure using third parties. Due to the rush of newcomers to crypto trading pl...

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Hacker Gets 10 Years In First Sim-swapping Sentencing In The U.s.

According to a recent report Joel Ortiz the 20-year-old student from Boston who was indicted by prosecutors in Santa Clara California has been sentenced to 10 years in prison in what is believed to be the very first SIM swapping conviction in the United States. Ortiz was charged last year on 28 counts involving various …

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Crypto Hacker Arrested For Stealing $11.3m In Iota (miota)

EU law enforced agency Europol has arrested a 36-year-old crypto hacker in an international police operation a press release ...

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Two Hacker Groups Stole $1 Billion In Cryptocurrency: Details Here

If you think cryptocurrency hacks are not common think again! A report from the Wall Street Journal has revealed that two hacker groups have stolen as much as $1 billion in digital money in a series of hacks. Nobody knows about these groups and apparently they still remain at large. Here's more.

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This Hacker Showed How A Smart Lightbulb Could Leak Your Wi-fi Password

The “moderate to severe” vulnerabilities discovered by the hacker LimitedResults have since been fixed according to the smart bulb company LIFX.

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Another Accused Sim-swap Cryptocurrency Hacker Indicted

20-year-old Dawson Bakies of Ohio has been charged with multiple counts of felony Identity Theft Grand Larceny Computer Tampering Scheme to Defraud and

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Report: Two Hacker Groups Stole $1 Billion From Crypto Exchanges

A new report alleges that just two groups of hackers dominate the majority of cybercrime directed against cryptocurrency exchanges. Together these groups have responsible for stealing about $1 billion of cryptocurrency so far. Also Read: Arwen Enables Self-Custody for Traders of Centralized Exchanges The Most Lucrative of All Crypto Crimes Digital surveillance company Chainalysis has …

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Report: Hacker Groups May Have Amassed Up To $1 Billion In Hacked Cryptos

Importantly loss of funds caused by crypto exchange hacks might soon be a thing of the past as Arwen and KuCoin exchange ha...

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20-year Old Hacker Pleads Guilty To $5 Million Cryptocurrency Theft

20-year-old Joel Ortiz to serve 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to stealing $5 cryptocurrency with SIM swapping.

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First Convicted Sim-swap Hacker Agrees To 10-year Sentence

Joel Ortiz a 20-year-old California college student has accepted a plea deal and has agreed to a sentence of 10 years for stealing $5 million in

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First Hacker Convicted Of 'sim Swapping' Attack Gets 10 Years In Prison

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Two Hacker Groups Responsible For 60 Percent Of All Publicly Reported Hacks

The two hacker groups suspected of stealing around $1 billion worth of cryptocurrency.

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After 750 Mn Hacker Puts 93 Mn More Users’ Data On Sale

San Francisco: The hacker who earlier stole and posted data of close to 750 million users of various popular websites on a Dark Web marketplace has now put up the third set of nearly 93 million hacked databases for sale. According to a report on late Sunday the hacker this time is selling an …

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