Electroneum (ETN) Awaits Approval of iOS App Version

Electroneum (ETN) has reached another milestone releasing its iOS app version after a test period. Starting out as an anonym...

Electroneum (ETN) Awaits Approval of iOS App Version
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Crypto Price Predictions For Bat Iota Zil And Etn

As we approach the end of January 2019 crypto investors around the world are becoming anxious to see some change in an otherwise relatively stationary market. Many have predicted that 2019 will be a big year for crypto as a large bull run is expected to arrive and help Bitcoin and altcoins reach old heights …

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Lack Of Bitcoin Etn Holding Back Wall Street Money Says Cboe Head

Wall Street investors will enter the crypto space actively after the US market watchdogs allow exchange-traded notes (ETN) ti...

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Xbt Provider Suspends Launch Of Altcoins Etn Due To Crypto Market Uncertainty

If data released by cryptocurrency data analytics platform DataLight https://mobile.twitter.com/DataLightMe is anything to g...

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Cboe Chairman: Wall Street Wary Of Crypto Investments Due To Lack Of A Bitcoin Etn

By CCN.com: Chicago Board of Exchanges (CBOE) CEO Ed Tilly believes the cryptocurrency market needs a bitcoin-based Exchange-Traded Note to “truly grow.” His comments come on the back of postponed ETF launches for bitcoin which could be pushed back indefinitely due to an ongoing U.S. government shutdown

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