Facebook is building its own cryptocurrency for real-time cross-border transfers

Facebook is reportedly developing a cryptocurrency to enable users of WhatsApp one of its chat apps to send cross-border transfers instantly.

Facebook is building its own cryptocurrency for real-time cross-border transfers
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Facebook To Encrypt Instagram Messages Ahead Of Integration With Whatsapp Facebook Messenger

Facebook is planning to roll out end-to-end encryption for Instagram messages as part of a broader integration effort across the company’s messaging platforms including WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. First reported by The New York Times the social media giant said reworking the underlyin…

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Facebook Could Integrate Whatsapp Instagram And Facebook Messenger By 2020 Or Later: Mark Zuckerberg

The new plan is said to help the company implement end-to-end encryption across the three services.

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'pay With Facebook' Option Spotted As Rumors Of Facebook Coin Cryptocurrency Intensify

Some Italian-language Facebook users have noticed a new option in the app that invites them to Paga con Facebook (Pay with Facebook) alongside a Bitcoin ... new currency. It's not the first time w...

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The Whatsapp Cofounder Who Sold To Facebook For $19 Billion Tells Students To Delete Facebook

“That’s the bad part. We buy their products. We sign up for these websites. Delete Facebook right?”

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New York Times: Facebook Reportedly Shopping ‘facebook Coin’ To Crypto Exchanges

Facebook is “hoping to succeed where Bitcoin failed” with its highly secretive cryptocurrency project a New York Times (NYT) article published today Feb. 28 argues. Citing multiple anonymous sources who spoke on the condition of anonymity the Times pieces together the alleged contours of the project

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New ‘pay With Facebook’ Option Hints At Facebook’s Own Cryptocurrency

Is Facebook working on its own cryptocurrency? As 'Pay With Facebook' option appears for some Facebook users this rumor seems to be true

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What's The Value Of A Facebook Cryptocoin?

Facebook is reportedly exploring issuing its own cryptocurrency which could be pegged to real currencies to cut down on speculation.

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Is Facebook About To Launch Its Cryptocurrency?

2018 was the year of the controversy for Facebook. The social network which had to face charges after the data leak has seen its popularity slump. However that did not stop Mark Zuckerberg thinking of new goals. To bounce back Facebook has expressed interest in blockchain. Facebook: always forward-thinking Facebook has always shone with its …

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Regarding Facebook’s Cryptocurrency

If Bloomberg and the New York Times are to be believed later this year Facebook will introduce a cryptocurrency which will allow WhatsApp users to send money instantly. Yes that’s right: Facebook. Cryptocurrency. Earthquake! Revolution! The world is tilting on its axis! The end times are co…

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Everything You Need To Know About Facebook’s New Cryptocurrency

Therefore this would represent a departure from a truly decentralised world of cryptocurrency. It’s also unlikely these coins would be based on the same intensive ‘proof-of-work’ model that Bitcoin m...

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Facebook Should Pay Everyone Cryptocurrency

Fortune 500 Daily & Breaking Business News

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Who Invited Facebook To The Upfronts?

On TV And Video is a column exploring opportunities and challenges in advanced TV and video. Today’s column is written by Brienna Pinnow co-founder at Blinc Digital Group. If you’re an advertiser heading into the upfronts there is a good chance you may be wooed by a new suitor: Facebook. Why is the TV advertising industry’s... Continue reading »

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Who Will Trust Facebook Bank?

Following a significant data breach a titanic loss of consumer trust calls by numerous politicians for regulation and a massive service outage Facebook wants to become a bank issuing its own cryptocurrency. Who will trust Facebook Bank?

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Whatsapp Is Merging With Facebook Messenger -- Here's What To Do

After the news that Facebook Messenger Instagram and WhatsApp will merge it’s time to look for a new messaging service. Here are some secure options

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Six Examples Of Solid Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a very powerful extremely viral social networking and micro-blogging platform that has catapulted many businesses to new levels. It has enjoyed a famously popular online exposure and an ever-increasing appeal to corporations social networkers and online entrepreneurs. Some companies who recognize the Facebook effect experience enormous brand recognition and success that accompanies their …

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Facebook Acquires Blockchain Firm

Facebook acquires Blockchain firmFacebook acquires Blockchain firm Always one for the headlines Facebook has acquired cryptocurrency startup Chainspace

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