How can Blockchain Create Provable Fairness in the Gambling Industry?

Gambling is considered one of the oldest traditions of mankind regardless of culture or civilization ... for users as fast t...

How can Blockchain Create Provable Fairness in the Gambling Industry?
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Traditional Bank Accounts Remain Elusive Of Crypto Companies

Cryptocurrency companies are still finding it difficult to open a checking account with a traditional bank across the globe.

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Federal Reserve May Add Bitcoin Crash To Stress Test Scenarios

The U.S. Federal Reserve could soon include a bitcoin market crash as one of the risks to take into account when conducting stress tests.

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Bittrex Leads $1.5 Million Seed Round In South African Crypto Exchange Valr

South Africa's VALR exchange is launching March 1 expanding bitcoin access across the continent.

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Linux Kodachi 6.0 Releases

Linux Kodachi 6.0 operating system is based on Debian 9.5 Xbuntu 18.04 LTS that it will provide a secure anti-forensic an anonymous operating system

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Linfinity And The Changing Attitudes Toward Blockchain Technology In The Uk

With LINFINITY’s recent successes in developing their DApp supply-chain management system and with a swathe of announcements conference appearances a website overhaul and the signing of MOUs with big names in the healthcare industry including Herbriller and Scientific Tradition the Singapore-based blockchain company looks as it always has towards infinite possibilities beyond Asia.INEFFICIENCIES MISCOMMUNICATION AND UK SUPPLY CHAINS

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Venezuela Launches Crypto Remittance Services Using Bitcoin [btc] And Litecoin [ltc]

The Nicolas Maduro-led Venezuelan government announced the launch of cryptocurrency remittance services recently. The remittance which can be settled by using two crypto assets Bitcoin [BTC] and Lit...

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Merging Facebook Messenger Whatsapp And Instagram: A Technical Reputational Hurdle

Facebook's plan to integrate secure messaging across Messenger WhatsApp and Instagram will demand technical know-how and a fierce commitment to user privacy.

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Cardano (ada) Price Picks Pace In Long-awaited Rally

The asset got a boost from news of a recent mainnet upgrade leading closer to the completion of the consensus protocol.

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Is Juul The Startup World’s Greatest Long Con?

The company that claims its products can help people quit smoking cigarettes is now making money for Big Tobacco. Where does its partnership rank among the most brazen tech startup schemes?

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Full Q&a: Mcsweeney’s Editor Claire Boyle And Eff Boss Cindy Cohn On Recode Decode

Electronic Frontier Foundation executive director Cindy Cohn and McSweeney’s Quarterly managing editor Claire Boyle talk with Kara Swisher on the Recode Decode podcast.

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Blockchain Makes New Inroads Into Public Sector

Many of the efforts are still nascent but all levels of government have started to explore blockchain’s capabilities through pilot projects legislation and research.

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Cryptomonsoon Review – Legit Business Or Adcredit Cmn Scam?

Are you thinking about joining this adcredit/crypto MLM company? Do NOT join before you read this CryptoMonsoon review because I reveal the shocking truth.

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