How citizens of Singapore can replace paper currency with these popular credit cards

Some of them are eTN Chatroom: Discuss with readers from around the world ... the country is on the way of becoming the harbi...

How citizens of Singapore can replace paper currency with these popular credit cards
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This Country Is Forcing Citizens To Promise Not To Use Bitcoin

India can definitely be called “anti-cryptocurrency“. Indian banks are now forcing their clients to “promise” not to use Bitc...

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George Soros Warns Of China's Use Of Ai To Control Citizens

In October an apparent explosive device was discovered at his suburban New York home. At last year’s Davos conference Soros ...

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Somali: How Cryptocurrencies Can Protect Citizens Against (hyper)inflation

Cryptocurrencies are often associated with strong price fluctuations that some argue make them unusable as day-to-day spending currencies. However the reality is that the world’s leading digital currency bitcoin has helped to act as a store of value and as an alternative currency in countries that are suffering from high levels of inflation and weakening sovereign currencies.

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Coinbase Launches Paypal Withdrawals Support For Eu Citizens

The entire crypto community is going through a rough patch. The fall in prices combined with the crackdown by governments has scared away investors. Profits are drying up for companies causing many of them to shut down. Bringing in profits and staying afloat is priority number one. One strategy has…

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Chilean Citizens Will Begin Paying Cryptocurrency Taxes In 2019

Taxpayers in Chile are reportedly going to have to pay taxes on cryptocurrency earnings this year as the country’s Internal Revenue Service (Servicio de Impuestos Internos SII) has included a section for cryptoassets in a form that has to be filled on taxpayers’ Annual Income Tax Returns. According

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Bank Of Spain Warns Citizens Against Crypto Given Lack Of Local Regulations

Spain’s central bank has issued a reminder to citizens warning of the risks involved in transacting unregulated cryptocurrencies. The Bank of Spain’s notice issued Feb. 10 followed an official blog post published two days earlier which had outlined the institution’s stance on cryptocurrencies their

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What President Trump’s Proposed Budget Cuts Could Mean For Senior Citizens

Medicare Medicaid and Social Security were all targets of the major slashes.

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