I got a $50 cryptocurrency mystery box a year ago… now it’s worth $2.90

The cryptocurrency mystery box I got last year has lost over 90 percent of the value at which I bought it. It seems HODLing can only get you this far.

I got a $50 cryptocurrency mystery box a year ago… now it’s worth $2.90
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Will China Issue Its Own National Stablecoin After All?

Not much has been said about China's proposed national stablecoin for the past year--will it happen? Or will a third party step in?

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Simplechain Beta Has Been Officially Launched This January

After 18 months of research and development with the ambition to build a flexible scalable stable public blockchain DataQin a leading blockchain company based in Hangzhou China announced the launching of its first public chain SimpleChain on 4th Jan (GMT+8) the date the genesis block of bitcoin was mined ten years ago.

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Jpmorgan Reportedly To Launch First U.s. Bank Cryptocurrency

JPMorgan Chase will issue the first ever cryptocurrency by a U.S. bank a report says....JPM

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Blockchain Continues To Differentiate From Cryptocurrency At Calibrate Blockchain

The underlying structure is that of blockchain and for years the two had been tightly tied. 2018 began to see the differentiation between the underlying technology and the cryptocurrencies it supports

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Rooftop Solar To Ensure Renewable Energy Future

With Vietnam’s energy demand projected to increase by more than 10 per cent annually in the next five years and required power capacity to double the country is moving to diversify its energy mix including plans to generate more power from renewable sources. The rooftop solar market will be essential for Vietnam to meet its massive energy needs. Phuong Thu reports.

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Top 10 Blockchain Investments In 2019

Blockchain – Noun. “A blockchain is an ever-growing list of records known as blocks that are linked together and secured using cryptography. Blockchains can form the basis of a distributed ledger in a peer-to-peer network.” The History of Blockchain The idea of a blockchain was first posited by Satoshi Nakamoto in the 2008 whitepaper Bitcoin:

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Is This The New Normal? Part 2: Nvidia

Inventory stockpile builds are a temporary problem that long-term investors shouldn't be worried about.

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Iran’s First Stablecoin – When And How?

Another serious reason as to why the country is looking for a crypto-solution to its unstable economy is the ... timeline of ...

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Google’s Crypto Ad Saga Continues: ‘ethereum’ May Be Blacklisted

Last March Google began to take an explicitly anti-crypto stance when it updated its ad policy to prohibit crypto-related ad...

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Airasia’s Tony Fernandes Featured (again) In ‘misleading Sponsored Content’

This is not the first time Fernandes has fallen prey to fake news.

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Ai Plays Games

Artificial Intelligence has become popular in no small part as a result of its success in winning a number of games including chess Jeopardy! and go against human opponents. Reviewing how AI won these games gives some idea about what to expect from this latest round of commercial AI.

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Opportunity Network Is Connecting Ceos And Investors And Addressing Brexit

Brian Pallas is the youthful CEO of the Opportunity Network and he is connecting people with his job title to investors through his high-level social

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