It’s time to strengthen the regulation of crypto-assets

There is a gap in the regulation of crypto-assets that Congress needs to fix. The gap is contributing to fraud and weak investor protection in the distribution and trading of crypto-assets. In &#82…

It’s time to strengthen the regulation of crypto-assets
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It’s Go Time: Ifx Expo’s Crypto And Fintech Track Kicks Off Tomorrow!

The annual iFX EXPO Asia 2019 will begin tomorrow in Hong Kong bringing together the industry’s leading executives. This yea...

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Coinbase: Why It’s Time To Up Crypto’s Digital Id Game

Apple said the solution will soon launch at Johns Hopkins University Santa Clara University ... to protect accounts and ward ...

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Now’s The Time To Take Out Some Insurance If Trade Fed Don’t Go The Way Stocks Want Says Ubs Chief Investment Officer

Our call of the day from UBS’s global chief investment officer Mark Haefele says while they remain fans of U.S. equities they are also taking out some insurance against a few potential headwinds they see brewing.

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Bottom Feeders’ Time To Shine

Facebook has roughly 40 employees led by top FB exec David Marcus in their new blockchain team.

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It’s Time To Rethink Your Land Investments

There’s a crypto project called Decentraland. The premise is quite simple it’s a virtual world which consists of 10s of thousands of parcels of virtual land.

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Time To Settle On Cryptocurrency; It’s About To Get Really Boring

On heels of many tumultuous months in the space dare I say even a few scary months in the crypto space I’m looking forward to what should be a superbly

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Time To Revisit The ‘12 Surprises For 2018’

<i>?The bottom line remains: forecasts and predictions are exercises in marketing. Outrageous and wrong forecasts are typically forgotten and

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The Deanbeat — What’s The Best Way To Experience A Game For The First Time?

2019 is only 25 days old but I feel my pile of shame is already growing. I am falling behind on games this week. I haven’t cracked either Kingdom Hearts III — which GamesBeat’s Mike Minotti swears by — or Resident Evil 2 which GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb played. I’ve got my hands on Episode 2 of Life…

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It’s Time For Crypto Projects To Evolve Or Die

Winter has come to the crypto markets with both projects and the wider crypto community feeling the pain. Right now many are scratching their heads wondering how some crypto projects have gone from raising tens of millions of dollars last year to standing on the edge of financial ruin. One thing is for sure there need to be some serious changes in…

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Now’s The Perfect Time To Regulate Crypto: Industry Insiders

investors should look for fully compliant crypto projects which advocate for sustainable regulation when seeking to enter i...

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Why It’s High Time For Millennial Crypto Investors To Go All-in On Bitcoin

One of the world’s most prominent cryptocurrency investors has thrown even more weight behind bitcoin claiming virtually all other cryptocurrencies will die a painful death. Barry Silbert CEO of Digital Currency Group and Grayscale Investments says the flagship cryptocurrency has already won the race

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Bitcoin Easter Egg Hunt: It’s Time To Geek Out!

Easter eggs can be found everywhere if you know where to look at. From real life Easter egg hunt to the inside jokes cryptic messages that you find in video games movies DVD menus and computer s…

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How To Buy Into Journalism’s Blockchain Future (but This Time In Only 33 Steps)

Five months after its failed token sale Civil is back with a revised streamlined process. If you're not an experienced cryptocurrency trader though it'll still take you a while.

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Video Leak: Telegram’s Ton For The First Time In Action

Finally a leak has emerged to the future interface of Telegram. The video shows the known functions of Telegram Messengers and above all the use of the native crypto currency TON. The user buys a game directly via telegram with the TON tokens and rewards a user for a published video. Telegram’s TON project is …

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Patience Wheatcroft: Cryptocurrencies: A Bubble That’s Just Taking Its Time To Burst

Forgotten password? Too often I have had to admit to such a failing but by answering a few basic questions the situation has been salvaged. This is not the case for those who had been doing business with Quadriga CX. For it seems that the password to unlock £145m lodged with Canada’s largest cryp

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Binance’s Bnb Token Hits All-time High In Bitcoin Value

BinanceCoin (BNB) has extended its recent gains to set a new all-time high in bitcoin-denominated value.

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