Lack of ETNs Keeps Wall Street Away From Bitcoin Says CBOE Analyst Ed Tilly

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Lack of ETNs Keeps Wall Street Away From Bitcoin Says CBOE Analyst Ed Tilly
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Blockchaindefender Reports On A Lack Of Trust In The Crypto Industry

The cryptocurrency industry reached its peak market capitalisation in January 2018 nearly reaching $800 billion. However even with such a large market capitalisation the industry faces a lack of trust. BlockchainDefender recently released a report examining this lack of trust. Questions Answered in the Report Within the report BlockchainDefender clearly outlines its goals. The first …

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Lack Of Insurance In Crypto Is Keeping Institutional Capital Away

For most companies in the cryptocurrency industry insurance is hard to come by. However a growing number of firms are hesitantly filling the gap.

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Due To Lack Of Liquidity Crypto Exchange Liqui Shuts Down

While there seems to be a newly minted crypto exchange or marketplace minted every week today we learn about on that is shutting down. In a Dear Users

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Crypto Exchange Liqui Closes Shop Over Lack Of Liquidity

We gave you the right to decide whether you want to be with us in our Crypto Exchange journey by accepting the changes ... De...

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Poll: 63 Percent Of Senior Execs Lack Understanding Of Blockchain Tech

In a survey of institutional investors by the Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) 63 percent of respondents believe that senior business executives have a poor understanding of blockchain technology. In December and January the market research company PollRight interviewed 71 institutional investors

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Bitcoin Price Remains Motionless As Bulls Bears Lack Confidence

Bitcoin’s trading range continued to narrow on Tuesday reflecting a lack of committal from the bulls and bears following the weekend pump-and-dump. Lack of Direction The bitcoin price fluctuated within a $60 range on Tuesday according to data provider CoinMarketCap. At the time of writing BTC/USD was averaging $3588.94 where it was virtually unchanged compared […]

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Ukrainian Crypto Exchange Liqui Shuts Down Cites Lack Of Liquidity

Ukraine-based crypto exchange Liqui is shutting down its services citing a lack of liquidity Cointelegraph Japan reports today Jan. 28. Liqui said it decided to close all accounts and stop providing services because it currently does “not see any economic point in providing” them in a statement posted

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The Respect Or Lack Thereof When It Comes To Intellectual Property: 5 Ways To Protect Your Patents

You’ve worked tirelessly on your latest project and eventually find yourself sitting with what could be a breakthrough invention. Months or even years

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Crypto Update: Weekend Rally Fades As Coins Lack Momentum

While the major cryptocurrencies had a bullish Saturday following a hectic week with Litecoin pulling its weight again the segment continues to be controlled by sellers. We still haven’t seen meaningful technical progress in the top coins with even the short-term resistance levels proving too strong in the quiet and illiquid environment. Today the majors […]

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Volatility & Lack Of Brand Awareness Are Not The Cause Of Slow Crypto Adoption

First of all crypto believers must be apoplectic that stable coins even exist. After all fixing crypto by pegging the value to the US Dollar is

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Lack Of Crypto Expertise Creating Sub-custody Deals – Study

Report highlights opportunities for sub-custody deals with newcomers offering crypto custody services

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Bank Of Spain Warns Citizens Against Crypto Given Lack Of Local Regulations

Spain’s central bank has issued a reminder to citizens warning of the risks involved in transacting unregulated cryptocurrencies. The Bank of Spain’s notice issued Feb. 10 followed an official blog post published two days earlier which had outlined the institution’s stance on cryptocurrencies their

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Bitcoin Price Sees Further Consolidation As The Bulls And Bears Lack Conviction

Bitcoin’s price was little changed on Friday as a lack of committal from the bulls and the bears pushed volatility lower. The leading digital currency just snapped a six-month losing streak but has struggled to overcome a major resistance near the December high. BTC/USD Update The bitcoin price is currently valued at $3810.00 on Bitstamp […]

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Cast Offers 'software Triage' Due To Lack Of App Building Standards

Cast Software likes to style itself as the ‘spellchecker’ for software code that is - the company offers a technology designed to provide metrics quality and software intelligence ratings to determine the validity and strength of any particular application.

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Eth/usd Daily Confluence Detector Shows Lack Of Support Levels

ETH/USD’s price fell from $139 to $138 as the bears dominated the Tuesday opening session. Ethereum holders will be worried about the fact that the da

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Lack Of Bitcoin Etn Holding Back Wall Street Money Says Cboe Head

Wall Street investors will enter the crypto space actively after the US market watchdogs allow exchange-traded notes (ETN) ti...

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