Middle East: The battle for regional dominance resumes

For nearly two decades Dubai has acted as the beating heart of Middle Eastern finance but now its long-dormant rivals are mounting successful efforts to reclaim a piece of the action.

Middle East: The battle for regional dominance resumes
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Cryptocurrencies Creep Into The Middle East

Banking behemoth J.P. Morgan Chase disclosed its own digital currency called JPM Coin. The digital token will be used to settle payments between clients. JPM Coin will be backed by physical U.S. dollars and be based off Quorum. Quorum is J.P. Morgan’s private Ethereum-based chain. JPM Coin plans to compete with Ripple which created XRP […]

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Can China Remake Its Image In The Middle East?

Investment: the Belt and Road Initiative Not only have China and the Middle East’s mutual economic interests ... access to the Mediterranean is a high-speed rail project in Israel planned ...

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Bithumb Seeks Business Expansion In Middle East

Korea's leading cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb will form a joint venture in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to operate a new crypto exchange platform the firm said Wednesday.

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Bullish News From The Uae: Middle East Update

Anybody following the crypto market would be well aware of ICOs along with their rise and demise. Once these were so popular that even an ICO called Dogecoin was able to raise millions. More than that ICOs made blockchain and crypto a household name once only reserved to the dark…

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Path To Leadership: The Future Of Crypto Regulation And Adoption In The Middle East

In this Op-Ed Ahmed Jacob Aly CTO of INVAO explores the cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption in the Middle East and foresee a great opportunity for the region to become a global leader in innovation in blockchain-based technologies.

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Bithumb Kicks Off Middle East Expansion With Uae Crypto Exchange

South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb plans to expand in the Middle East starting with a licensed exchange in the UAE.

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Africa Middle East Security Regulators Agree To Collaborate To Increase Listing

Africa Middle East security regulators agree to collaborate to increase listing - Business Today Kenya

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In The Daily: Sirin Labs Smartphone Middle East Cbx Exchange Ipc's Connexus Cloud

IPC’s Connexus Cloud to Add ICE Crypto Data Feed IPC ... Based on the answers provided the FBI may contact respondents for a...

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In The Daily: Sirin Labs Smartphone Middle East Cbx Exchange Ipc’s Connexus Cloud

In this edition of The Daily we cover a number of cryptocurrency-related business collaborations from around the world. These include Sirin Labs and Simplex Middle East-focused crypto exchange Cbx and Heliocor IPC and ICE Data Services. Additionally covered is an update from the FBI which is conducting an investigation into Bitconnect. Also Read: Coinflex Launches …

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3c Payment Celebrates Success And Future Plans For Transforming The Payment Experience In The Middle East

Many leading hotels brands located in Dubaï already benefit today from integrated 3C technology - ZAWYA MENA Edition

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Speakers Including The World's Top Fintech Influencers Announced At Third Middle East And Africa Fintech Forum In Bahrain


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A Middle Way Forward For Blockchain

Henrik Hjelte is the co-founder and CEO of ChromaWay a company focused on implementing blockchain solutions.

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Blockchain: Uses And Opportunities In The Middle-market

They support bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies ... “while this is not an agency an important three letters to remember are the UCC.” Commercial law views Crypto and the use of Crypto as prop...

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Blockchain In 2019 Will Be All About The Middle-layer Protocol

2017 was the year crypto boomed. In 2018 it crashed. 2019 will be a year of recovery where mid-layer protocols define new value.

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Bitcoin Price Top Forecast: In The Middle Of Nowhere

Despite rangebound trading into the end of the week the cryptocurrency market is still deep in green on a week-over-week basis. The total value of al

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What Is A Man-in-the-middle Attack? How Mitm Attacks Work And How To Prevent Them

A man-in-the-middle (MitM) attack is when an attacker intercepts communications between two parties either to secretly eavesdrop or modify traffic traveling between the two. Detecting MitM attacks is difficult but they are preventable.

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