Ransomware Is So 2017: Modern Cybercriminals Are All About Cryptojacking

IBM's latest report on global cybersecurity trends shows that attackers are obeying the old maxim of following the money

Ransomware Is So 2017: Modern Cybercriminals Are All About Cryptojacking
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A History Of Ransomware Attacks: The Biggest And Worst Ransomware Attacks Of All Time

Take a look at the history of ransomware the most damaging ransomware attacks and the future for this threat.

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The Best Ransomware Protection For Business

Ransomware is one of the fastest and most destructive forms of malware attacking small businesses today yet most companies still have no direct protection against this threat. We test five of the top business-grade anti-ransomware packages around and find not only added data safety but friendly price tags too.

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Guarding Against Ransomware Requires More Than Just Detection

Read how Cohesity's modern backup solution offers a comprehensive end-to-end solution against ransomware that offers a multi-layer approach to prevent detect and quickly respond to an attack.

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Ransomware Are Chasing After… Your Backup!

These backup files can be MAC’s Time Machine or Windows Volume Shadow ... long time in order to encrypt as much information p...

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Matrix Ransomware Changes The Rules Again | How Much Are You Worth?

Matrix Ransomware is now targeting the enterprise and trying to bypass security software. See what happened when we took it for a spin.

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Cryptominers Were More Lethal Than Ransomware In 2018

I’m sure we can all agree that 2018 was the year of the cryptocurrency. The virtual currencies newfound popularity even stretched to our own shores with the RBZ eventually pouring cold water (or is it jecha) on that movement. Anyway this popularity is exactly what made Cryptomining one of the most ideal ways to carry

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The Long Run Of Shade Ransomware

Since the beginning of the year security firms observed a new intense ransomware campaign spreading the Shade ransomware.

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An Integrated Approach To Protection Against Ransomware

Over the past years the issue of protection against ransomware has become very important for both big and small businesses. Ransomware viruses like

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Where Has All The Ransomware Gone? Cybercriminals Prefer 'cryptojacking'

Fortune 500 Daily & Breaking Business News

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Suspected Ransomware Outbreak Disrupts Us Newspapers

Production of newspapers owned by Chicago-based Tribune Publishing was disrupted after malware began infecting the company's publishing and printing systems.

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Watch Out For This New Cryptocurrency Ransomware Stalking The Web

A brand new family of cryptocurrency-fuelled ransomware has been discovered and researchers warn it's more sophisticated than Ryuk.

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New Phobos Ransomware Using Same Ransom Note As Dharma

A new strain of ransomware known as Phobos is using the same ransom note employed by Dharma to demand payment from its victims.

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Watch Out! Anatova Is A New Ransomware That Targets Gamers

Researchers at McAfee have flagged a ransomware that poses as games. The virus carries the ability to morph quickly which allows it to trick unsuspecting users into believing it's a legit downloadable program. However in reality it locks them out of their PCs and demands money. Here's more.

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Anatova Ransomware Posing As Games And Software

4       4SharesThe release of new ransomware is nothing new. All pose a threat to users and their computer systems. A new

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Cryptominers Hit Firms 10 Times More Than Ransomware

Tools services used to commit cyber crime now democratised with advanced attack methods now available to anyone willing to pay Cryptominers affected organisations 10 times more than ransomware in 2018 but only one in five IT security professionals were aware that their companys networks had been infected by mining malware a new report said on Thursday.According to cybersecurity firm Check Point tools and services used to commit cyber crime have become democratised with advanced attack methods now available to anyone willing to pay for them which is part of the growing malware-as-a-service industry.Thirty seven per cent of organisations globally were hit by cryptominers in 2018 and 20 per cent of companies continue to be hit every week despite an 80 per cent fall in cryptocurrency values.However the threat risk of cryptominers has been underrated by organisations.When asked what they rated as the biggest threats to their firm just 16 per cent stated cryptomining compared with DDoS attacks [34 per cent] data breaches [53 per cent] ransomware [54 per cent] and phishing [66 per cent].This is concerning as cryptominers can easily act as stealth backdoors to download and launch other types of malware the company said in a statement.The report shows how cybercriminals are successfully exploring stealthy new approaches and business models such as malware affiliate programmes to maximise their illegal revenues while reducing their risk of detection said Peter Alexander chief marketing officer of Check Point Software Technologies.

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