There's hope for markets in 2019 despite 2018's crypto winter here's why

After all spring always follows winter

There's hope for markets in 2019 despite 2018's crypto winter here's why
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Litecoin: There Is Breakdown And There Is Hope

Litecoin  broke down of a key ascending trendline support on the medium term chart giving ammunition to the bears to continue their onslaught on the

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Joseph Lubin: Cryptopia's Last Hope

Crypto mania made Joseph Lubin a billionaire and he set out to build a utopian business empire. Then reality got in the way

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New Hope For Texas City's Bitmine

After grabbing headlines last August by announcing it would build the country’s largest bitcoin mine in Rockdale Texas the Chinese cryptocurrency company

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Two Walkers Die In Fall On Ben Hope

Two men died after falling while walking on Ben Hope in Sutherland Police Scotland say.

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Will Amazon Create A Cryptocurrency? Shoppers Hope No

Very few Amazon online shoppers — 12.7 percent — are comfortable purchasing cryptocurrencies developed by the e-commerce giant according to a recent Investing .com survey cited by CCN.

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Bitcoin Bubble Has Popped But Hope For Etf Remains

Bitwise Investment Advisers is the latest firm to file for a bitcoin exchange-traded fund to be listed on the NYSE Arca.

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Stamford Entrepreneurs Hope To Lure Blockchain Tech

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Two Men Die After Fall On Ben Hope In Sutherland

Police have confirmed that two walkers have died after getting into difficulty while walking on Ben Hope Scotland’s most northerly Munro.

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Hope For Bitcoin Etf Revives On New Approval Deadline

BTC currently has 67% of its volumes against Tether (USDT) and most of the activity is happening against altcoins. Fiat trad...

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British Pound Rallies On Hope Of Brexit Delay

Brexit is the name of the game in Tuesday currency trading with reports of possible delays to the fast-approaching late-March deadline and a second referendum pushing the British pound to its highest level since September at its peak.

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Behind Zimbocash The Cryptocurrency Its Backers Hope Will Help Save Zimbabwe

In this episode of the TechCentral podcast we speak to Philip Haslam one of the people behind ZimboCash a company that is building an alternative national currency for the troubled Zimbabwean economy.

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Banks Want To Score Your Finances — And They Hope It Will Motivate You To Improve Them

A small but growing number of banks and fintech companies are offering a newer way to engage with our money habits: They’re scoring us on our overall financial health. Some scores come from financial institutions like KeyBank and USAA. Others come from fintech companies like Albert. And some are coming from companies either using or testing CFSI’s formula for assessing financial health — WSECU a credit union in Washington among them.

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Sec Commissioner Reinstills Hope For Bitcoin Etf In New Speech

The SEC has denied multiple Bitcoin ETFs recently however a recent speech made by the SEC commissioner Hester Peirce suggests that may change soon.

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Fast Five: Mt. Gox Trustee May Have Crashed Bitcoin In 2018 But There Is Still Hope

The trustee likely expected a public backlash if it were revealed that the trustee had been selling large amounts of Bitcoin in the public cryptocurrency exchange market putting the price of BTC at a significant Read more…

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Bitcoin Price Charts Offer Glimmer Of Hope To Struggling Bulls

The slow drip bitcoin price sell-off seen over the last six weeks has produced a bullish pattern on the daily chart.

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Bitcoin Price: New Btc Chart Shows Hope For Struggling Cryptocurrency

BITCOIN is charting a bullish price pattern on the cryptocurrency markets offering early signs of hope for the struggling crypto.

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