U.S. Military Is Building Smarter Robots and Thinks Insects Might Be Key to New Artificial Intelligence

The so-called Micro-Brain project will analyze the complexities of very small flying insects particularly their drastic miniaturization and energy efficiency.

U.S. Military Is Building Smarter Robots and Thinks Insects Might Be Key to New Artificial Intelligence
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Hamas Military Wing Crowdfunding Bitcoin

The military wing of Hamas is asking supporters to send the group Bitcoin. Jihadists have tried crypto crowdfunding before but this time their efforts may be gaining traction.

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Hamas Military Wing To Accept Bitcoin Donations

On Jan. 31 the Hamas military wing Al-Qassam Brigades published its bitcoin address announcing that the group was accepting donations.

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Venezuela Captures Rogue Officers After Uprising At Military Outpost

Venezuela has captured a group of military officers who stole weapons and kidnapped four officials on Monday the government said hours after a social

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Rugged Tactical Switch And Router For Military Applications Released

The ATCorp CRR-1000-5 High-Performance VPN Routing and Encryption Suite is optimized for environments ... as well as MIL-STD- ...

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Multi-function Computing System Introduced For Rugged Military Applications

The unit features a military-grade power supply for aircraft (MIL-STD-704F) and ground (MIL-STD-1275D) vehicle use as well a...

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Air Force Laying Groundwork For Future Military Use Of Commercial Megaconstellations

Low-cost internet access from LEO constellations is one of the products that the Air Force wants to be able to acquire and use as soon as possible.

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Andromeda Rising - A Military Sci-fi Adventure Book By Jay Allan

This series follows... Cryptocurrency FOMO: How to get into Bitcoin without really caring what Bitcoin is - a cryptocurrency investing guide by Derek Parnett https://www.amazon.com/Cryptocurrency-FOMO ...

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Military Aircraft Avionics Face New Data-processing And Security Demands

“We’re adding multifunctionality to every design as we reduce SWaP and increase performance through investments across multiple domains ... we look at where the marketplace is going with our crypto so...

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Mobile Voting Offered To Military Overseas Voters In Denver Election This May

A pilot program will allow members of the military and overseas voters who are Denver residents to vote through a new smartphone voting application.

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New Documents Reveal Covert Uk Military-intelligence Smear Machine Meddling In Us Politics

Grayzone Project — A bombshell domestic spy scandal has been ... Bevensee a PhD candidate at the University of Arizona and s...

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North Korea’s Military Has Stolen More Than Half A Billion Dollars In Cryptocurrency

A panel of experts has told the United Nations Security Council that North Korea stole more than half a billion dollars’ worth of cryptocurrency from online trading platforms during 2017 and 2018 and used blockchain technology to cover its tracks.

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Military-grade Baby Monitor Called Miku Was A Hit With Parents At Ces 2019

Los Angeles-based startup Miku has a massive hit on its hands if the reaction of guests and baby technology experts at CES have anything to say about its new Miku Baby Monitor a revolutionary new tool for parents that uses A.I. and machine learning to create a more complete picture of a baby's life and health.

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8 Portable Usb Flash Drive Encryption – Unhackable Military 256-bit Keys

Before we begin it is important to know that there are 2 types of encryption for USB Flash Drive - hardware encryption and software encryption. The list

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Ontime Networks Introduces New Fully Rugged Military Multi-function Cots All-in-one System: Gb/10gb Ethernet Switch Route…

OSLO Norway Jan. 15 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- OnTime Networks a global leader for rugged time-synchronized Ethernet solutions for the aerospace and defense ...

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