Venezuela Imposes Capital Controls on Bitcoin Remittance Amid Record Volume

Venezuela continues to reach new heights in terms of weekly Bitcoin trading volume. Meanwhile the country’s government has issued new regulations that Venezuela continues to reach new heights in BTC trading volume as the country’s government is introducing new regulations to tax the growing bitcoin remmitance market.

Venezuela Imposes Capital Controls on Bitcoin Remittance Amid Record Volume
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Venezuela Imposes Fees And Limits On Local Crypto Remittances

Venezuela introduces rules for sending crypto remittances imposing taxes and fees.

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Romania Imposes 10% Tax On Cryptocurrency Earnings

we had a more cumbersome procedure in which one had to register as freelancer if he was trading repeatedly. It is now treated ...

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Malaysia Imposes Strict Laws On Crypto Trading And Icos

The Malaysian government has started to regulate the initial coin offerings (ICO) and crypto trading which came into effect on 15th January according to a Reuters report.

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Venezuela Crisis: Bitcoin Trading Soars To Highest Ever In Venezuela

BITCOIN trading in crisis-hit Venezuela has rocketed to an all-time high.

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No To The Invasion Of Venezuela!

The Jamaica Peace Council (JPC) denounces the US President Donald Trump...

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Venezuela Meltdown Update (13)

Anonymous expert compilation analysis and reporting. Humorously a pro-Russian publication OpEd News is using 1960s style Yankee go home rhetoric in this article published five minutes ago:  Hands Off Venezuela Canada and US Go Home! The irony of Russia's warning to the US to not interfere in Venezuela is striking as Russia props up another…

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Bitcoin And The Venezuela Factor

Bitcoin’s price saw renewed consolidation on Thursday though recent activity in the cryptocurrency market suggests that a re-test of a key psychological level is likely in the near term. Although bitcoin has long exerted a gravitational pull on the broader market the recent upsurge among competitor coins suggests that another breakout is likely. BTC/USD Update […]

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Cryptocurrency Use On The Rise In Venezuela

Researchers see 8.94% of global Bitcoin transactions occur in Venezuela.

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Could A Cryptocurrency Service Help Save Venezuela?

The move to help the beleaguered Venezuelan populous also could push cryptocurrencies close to becoming money.

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Venezuela: Let’s Cut To The Chase

With Venezuela adopting the petro crypto-currency and the sovereign bolivar already last year the Trump administration had s...

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Why Venezuela's Hyperinflation Problem Is So Difficult To Solve

President Maduro's government has tried and failed to end hyperinflation. Some have suggested that Bitcoin could empower Venezuelans to bring hyperinflation to an end themselves. But it's not that simple.

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The Salary Is Tripled In Venezuela: Increases To 6 Dollars

Nicolás Maduro ordered an increase of 300% of the minimum wage on Monday the 26th time he makes an announcement of this kind during his term. Also an increase in the petro cryptocurrency was decreed and the president highlighted the economic management of his government which he said in his annual report helped to turn Venezuela into the country with “greater socioeconomic equality”.

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Venezuela Finds Out The Hard Way That Only Bitcoin Is Unconfiscatable

The ongoing political turmoil in Venezuela continues to intrigue Bitcoin figures following the Bank of England blocking access to the country’s gold reserves in favor of US-backed interim president Juan Guaidó.  Keiser Champions ‘Unconfiscatable’ Bitcoin Venezuela whose citizens have begun turning to Bitcoin en masse in the face of million-percent inflation capital and migration controls appears …

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Venezuela: New Crypto Legal Framework Comes Into Force

It gives short definitions of key crypto terms such as crypto assets blockchain mining cryptography etc. It introduces t...

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Venezuela Starts Regulating Crypto Remittances

The National Superintendency of Crypto Assets and Related Activities ... Need to calculate your bitcoin holdings? Check our t...

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Venezuela To Start Regulating Cryptocurrency Remittances

Venezuela has been at the forefront of the cryptocurrency scene since enabling their mandatory Petro. Read to see their newest controversial regulation.

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