Why a Crypto Analyst is Adamant That Bitcoin Won’t Fall Under $2000

Since Bitcoin (BTC) received traction within the mainstream media many skeptics and economists have

Why a Crypto Analyst is Adamant That Bitcoin Won’t Fall Under $2000
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How Digitex Futures Is Increasing Competition For Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Digitex Futures is a zero-fee non-custodial futures exchange with its own currency the DGTX token. It is a trading platform where traders can buy and sell futures contracts on multiple cryptocurrencies financial instruments and commodities. What makes Digitex different from other exchanges is that

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A Look At On-demand Medical Startups In The Us Like Heal And The I.v Doc Which Are Helping...

Source: Circle which runs a cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex and which was reportedly valued at ~$3B last year after raising $246M is raising another $250M — Circle one of the biggest cryptocurrenc...

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Wikipedia Now Accepts Bitcoin Cash Donations Via Bitpay

Users from all over the world can now support the widely popular free encyclopedia Wikipedia with bitcoin cash donations via Bitpay. The non-profit model and global nature of the organization means it has to find a universal and cost-effective payment solution and cryptocurrencies are an obvious choice.    Also Read: Blockchain.com Launches New Educational Resource …

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Bitcoin Cash: Single Mining Pool Controls 50% Of Hashrate

Bitcoin Cash mining centralization has reached a level where just one pool is controlling half of its hashrate according to Coin Dance. The crypto statistics service found that BTC.TOP mining pool a China-based private entity took over as high as 50.2% of the entire Bitcoin Cash network at some point

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2give (2give) Trading Down 24.5% This Week

During the last week 2GIVE has traded down 24.5% against the US dollar. One 2GIVE coin can now be bought for about $0.0012 o...

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Nvidia's Gaming Revenue Declines May Be Temporary

NVIDIA’s (NVDA) revenue declined due to weakness in the Gaming and Data Center segments.

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Snapcoin Token Now Listed On Coinmarketcap And A 3rd Exchange On Its Way

The team are delighted to announce that our token SNPC is now listed on the CoinMarketCap platform ‘the most trusted crypt...

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Jalapeno Cupcake Wench (the Amazing Gracie Trilogy Book 1) By Carol Kilgore

Cryptocurrency FOMO: How to get into Bitcoin without really caring what Bitcoin is - a cryptocurrency investing guide by Dere...

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America's Signature Bank To Offer Services To Bermuda Crypto Companies

Premier David Burt The island’s legal clarity on cryptocurrency and other disruptive financial technologies has made it a choice destination for tech businesses. Signature Bank’s entrance ...

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1300 Sata Tlc Ssd

Get maximum visibility to confidential data sheets technical documentation and the latest product and technology developments by registering for a micron.com account.

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Many Questions Few Answers For Clients Of Quadrigacx After Lawyers Confer

There are new questions surrounding Quadriga whose Nova Scotia founder Gerald Cotten reportedly died of complications from Crohn's disease.

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Crypto Exchange Platform Coindirect Raises €1m In Round Led By Concentric

South African cryptocurrency exchange platform Coindirect has raised €1-million in an investment round led by London-based investor Concentric.

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