Will Artificial Intelligence be Used for Total Economic Control?

When crypto cultists talk about the marriage of AI and the blockchain they usually do so with Utopian stars in their eyes. But transparency in all areas of trade is not necessarily a good thing. As I ...

Will Artificial Intelligence be Used for Total Economic Control?
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The Future Of Crypto Trading Is Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can find a better price for your trade.

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Key Technologies That Are Driving Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence concepts may sound futuristic. Yet by analyzing and exploring the key technologies that spur it evaluating the impact of AI today and understanding AI predictions for the future can give you a clear picture on how much transformation artificial intelligence has brought in the world. Companies looking forward to scaling their operations should consider incorporating artificial intelligence in their operations. In 2009 understanding the physical robotic applications in the actual world was an easy task. However industrial robots were restricted and could not interact with humans. Artificial Intelligence is Different In recent years big data has revolutionized the world. With AI you can obtain value from a collection of information by identifying patterns in the data to augment the decision making procedure. This results in an AI-based decision-making process that is influencing almost all facets of life. Today retailers can tailor make their products

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Artificial Intelligence Industry With Emotional Recognition Market

Artificial Intelligence Industry with Emotional Recognition Market

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Artificial Intelligence And Cryptocurrency: Separating Hype From Reality

Pick an industry – any industry – and you can virtually guarantee that AI will have been hailed as its next big thing. The cryptocurrency sector is no different with many of 2017’s ICOs shoehorning the concept into their whitepapers somewhere in a bid to appear “cutting edge” and in touch with the zeitgeist. But …

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3 Top Artificial Intelligence Stocks To Watch In March

Baidu NVIDIA and AMD have all established firm footholds in the growing AI market.

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The Monitoring Game: China’s Artificial Intelligence Push

It’s all keen and mean on the artificial intelligence (AI) front in China which is now vying with the United States as the top dog in the field. US companies can still boast the big cheese operators but China is making strides in other areas. The UN World Intellectual Property Organisation’s Thursday report found that…

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Sxsw Interactive 2019 -- Artificial Intelligence Stole My Crypto!

Another SxSW Interactive is in the books and once again several themes and trends have emerged for 2019 and beyond. Here are my observations ones that

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Artificial Intelligence Is Making Job Descriptions Obsolete Executives Say

Executives are optimistic that AI will enhance jobs but don't seem to quite grasp that their employees want to begin learning how to work with AI.

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Job Search In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence - 5 Practical Tips

Artificial intelligence is altering how individuals search for a job and how organizations recruit and assess a candidate’s skill-set and credentials for

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Blockchain To Aid Artificial Intelligence For Overcoming Deep Learning Drawbacks

Blockchain to Aid Artificial Intelligence for Overcoming Deep Learning Drawbacks By CIOReview - Artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain are in their research and development phase and are anticipated to dominate the...

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Merck Receives Us Patent For Combination Of Artificial Intelligence And Blockchain Technology

Merck has announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted US Patent No. 10193695 to the Company. The patent relates to the formation of “crypto-objects” – a novel security technique that combines artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology. Merck wants to combine blockchain technology with artificial intelligence. She has now been …

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How Elite Investors Use Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning To Gain An Edge

Artificial intelligence and machine learning might sound like the stuff of sci-fi movies. But hedge funds major banks and private equity firms are already deploying next-generation technologies to gain an edge. Citigroup uses machine learning to make portfolio recommendations to clients. High-frequency trading firms rely on machine learning tools to rapidly read and react to …

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Bringing Together Blockchain Internet Of Things And Artificial Intelligence: Turning Skynet Into Reality

All three of the new renaissance technologies will bring about major changes in the way work and processes are carried out with the elimination of whole swathes of activity previously carried out by humans or the activity being carried out by smart machines bots or smart processes.

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U.s. Military Is Building Smarter Robots And Thinks Insects Might Be Key To New Artificial Intelligence

The so-called Micro-Brain project will analyze the complexities of very small flying insects particularly their drastic miniaturization and energy efficiency.

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The Monitoring Game: China’s Artificial Intelligence Push – Oped

It’s all keen and mean on the artificial intelligence (AI) front in China which is now vying with the United States as the top dog in the field. US companies can still boast the big cheese operato…

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Artificial Intelligence Helps To Find A Potential Cure For Untreatable Chronic Pancreatitis

ARTIFICIAL intelligence has helped with a drug break-through which could lead to a cure for chronic pancreatitis. The debilitating condition eventually

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